Dragon Wars Voting Incentive Week Eleven Answers

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mjkj asks:

To whoever may know

How does the dragon-poison work? (scientifically/medically – in the sense e.g. it blocks xyz so abc does not work anymore leading to asphyxiation or stopping of the heart etc…)

Thank you


Doctor Sarah Tyler replied: To be honest Dragon Venom and the antidotes to it are not terribly well understood, but they don’t seem to work by any physical medium. I’d love to get my hands on some samples to study – our lack of understanding is why we have to rely on goblins to make the antidotes.

Halia adds: This kind of venom is not actually unique to dragons, so calling it dragon venom is a bit of misnomer. Doctor Tyler is correct, however, in her statement that it is not a physical toxin. Our venom is actually a piece of our essence woven into an attack. Once inside the victim it infects and disrupts their lifeforce. This disruption can manifest as a variety of physical symptoms and is eventually fatal without intevention.

This is why knowledge the colour and affinity of the dragon attacker is needed to brew an antidote. It needs to be the opposite of the venom in order to neutralise it. There’s some leeway but the closer the match, the more effective the antidote.

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  1. mjkj says:

    Thank you, Doctor Tyler and Halia

    I think I have understood it. It is not physical but effects the life-force / life-essence and kills in that way. So the antidote must sustain the life-force and counter the disrupting essence (well at least the latter).

    Thank you again


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