Dragon Wars: Land Of Myth Chapter Eight Part Two

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Chapter Eight
Part Two

Daniel’s father was waiting for them when they went into the garden to collect Ebona and gate back to the other world. Daniel’s mother was with him, carrying a small bag. Daniel winced when he saw her. She’d lost weight, looked even more pale and tired than usual, and she was staring at the sky with an abstracted fashion. When his father had said she’d got worse, he hadn’t imagined it was this bad. She always been hazy and easily tired but now she she seemed totally out of it. His father shook her gently by the shoulder and she looked at him. He whispered something in her ear and hugged her gently before he turned to Mela.

“I’ve sent Halia back to Elapyron; I don’t want her near you. Do you have any idea what she did?”

Mela shook her head. “No.”

“I thought as much. She claims she doesn’t either – and she can’t lie to me. I guess we’ll have to wait until it triggers.” He looked uncomfortable about that. Daniel didn’t blame him. He wasn’t happy about it either.

“What’s happening with the dragons who came through?” Daniel asked.

“Mine have engaged the intelopers over Shropshire. It’s a good job it’s so cloudy. They’ll stop them-” He broke off suddenly and went white. “Karen’s in danger!”


His father didn’t answer immediately,  holding up a hand for quiet. Focusing in  on what had happened no doubt. After a moment he swallowed noticibly and opened his eyes. “She got into a fight with a dragon – one that was too strong for her. She’s alive but it used its venom on her.”

Daniel swore loudly. “Will she be okay? Are you going-”

“God, I want to!” He closed his eyes and clenched his fists. “Halia’s an expert at making antidote, but where she is I’d have to fight to get to her. That won’t help. They’re taking her to Caerdu. There’s some goblins there right now. They should be able to help.” He sounded like he was trying to convince himself.

“Goblins are good with antidotes, Ma-” his mother began. Daniel saw his father tap her foot with his and she hesitated slightly then continued. “Mike. You know that.”

“I do, Sonia,” he agreed. “It’s the distance.”

Daniel stared at his mother, partly because she obviously knew about the other world and partly because she seemed so calm about it.

“She’ll be okay.” His mother went back to staring at the sky.

Daniel gulped and looked as his father. “She doesn’t remember us?”

“It’s not that…” His father frowned. “It’s more like she can’t connect with it. That’s why I want you to take her to Waldhafen. Speakers are more prone to essence burn than humans, so they’ve developed treatments for it.”

“She’s been burned?” Mela shuddered. “I didn’t think that happened to humans.”

“It doesn’t usually,” his father replied grimly. “Someone did it to her on purpose. She’s been stable for years and suddenly she’s got worse. Someone is aggravating it, which is disturbing. No one who could do that should even know she’s alive.”

“What?” Daniel stared at his father.

“Don’t ask. I’ll explain one day, but that’s the other reason I want her in the other world. The healers at Waldhafen will care for her and whoever attacked her won’t be able to reach her.”

“That makes sense,” Daniel admitted. He walked over and put his arm round his mother. “Come on, mum. We’d better get going.”

“Of course, dear.” She gave him a vague smile and then looked back at her husband with a haunted expression. “Last night I dreamt the sky was torn from horizon to horizon and people were screaming. Then I saw a damaged heart made of pure energy hidden in the petals of a silver rose. I don’t think it was a dream. I think it was  reaching for me. Trying to warn me. Something is coming if we don’t stop it. Something terrible.”

“Do you know what?”

She shook her head. “My dreams don’t work that way, especially when something deliberately triggers them. You know that. And with this… ugh… I can’t even focus in and try and clarify. It hurts too much.”

“I’ll talk to Sal, see if she’s sensed anything.” He squeezed her hands. “I’m sure the dryads can fix you if anyone can.” He obviously saw Daniel’s confusion because he gave a slightly strained smile. “Your mother has precognitive dreams, but they tend to be – well like that. Hard to interpret. Sal’s tend to be clearer. Now go on.” He pushed them gently to where Mela and Ebona stood waiting. He made a cutting gesture with his hand and the air glowed and tore open, creating a gate into Waldhafen. “Be well, Daniel. And give Elaranor my respects when you see her.”

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