Dragon Wars: Voting Incentive Week 7

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mjkj asks:

Are interracial/interspecies relationships and/or relationships between heart-friends possible/fruitful in Talonika? For example if you get older would it be possible for you to fall in love with Alban, marry him (or be with him or whatever the equivalent to these is in Talonika) and get children? (or would it stop right after #2? – no kids possible?) and would the kids have soul-stones or be humans or a mixture? and would this relationship be different from any other couple because of you being heart-friends?

Karen  answers: I… I really have no idea. It’s never come up. Do you know, Alban?

Alban says: Well, there are stories, but they’re folklore. Who knows if they’re true?

Alaryia draws  surprised stares from the others by interrupting:  Humans are co-fertile with Haltia and certain other humanoid or near humanoid  Speakers like merfolk, naga, selkies and vila. They aren’t co-fertile with dryads  and other nymphs because nymphs don’t reproduce the same way. Children born of a speaker/human liason  are … well for some reason they’re very similar to Goblins  but with human eyes. They don’t need a heart stones and can often shapeshift. Honestly if some factions of Haltia knew about this they’d probably try and  breed an army against the dragons.

Coincidentally humans are  also co-fertile with dragons and goblins though that’s even rarer.

Fiona asks:

Dear Dragons:
Which species of Speaker do you like to feed on best? Do you have a preference? How about humans? Num, num?
Not missing you,

Ystelyan replies: Are you really sure you’re not missing us? I’m sure I could persuade you otherwise.  But  never mind that. Tastes vary for us as much as it does for  you, but it’s not really to do with species. We like the taste of certain emotions and personality types. We have this reputation  for loving the taste of fear above anything. I don’t see why. I have a taste for anger and bitterness but I’m  equally fond of their opposites.

Talira adds:  I don’t really know what I  like yet, I suspect I’ll be similar to my mirian. But I already know that fear tastes really bitter.

Halia says: Ystelyan-mirian fails  to mention that certain physical sensations – most commonly pain but there are others – enhance some of our kind’s enjoyment of their food.  He also side-stepped your question about humans, yes we eat humans when we can.

Hmm? What do I like. There’s nothing quite like the kind of loyal devotion which lets you do anything for your cause. I can almost put up with this collar, because when the dragon lord feeds me it tastes divine. Almost… but not quite.

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  1. Fiona says:

    I love the questions and answers 🙂

  2. mjkj says:

    Wow, quite interesting

    Thank you Karen, Alban and Alaryia. That was quite an … extensive answer…

    Also the answer to dragon feeding is quite interesting…

    Thank you


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