Dragon Wars: Land of Myth Chapter Six Part Three

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Chapter Six
Part Three

“Well, that went badly.” Kyle leaned his forehead against the cool stone wall as they waited in the antechamber.  “I wonder if he’s angry? He never keeps us waiting.”

“He’s probably busy.” Darya walked over and put a hand on his shoulder. “And I don’t think it was that bad. Two out of three’s not bad. We got the pendant and delived Ystelyan-miran’s message. We can collect Melusine another time.”

“I’m afraid I have to concur with Kyle-alran, Darya.” Ystelyan’s consort Rilletta – a tall, slender asrai dressed in a grecian style blue silk gown – slipped in from the throne room. “Your cousin is more important than the pendant. If Gerian captures her, he’ll be able to backward engineer the thing just by studying her.” She pushed the door closed behind her and turned and regarded them with ancient sea-blue eyes; the only feature which betrayed her true age. “Fortunately the dark warrior seems determined to protect her. If you couldn’t take her, the thrice-damned red one will have a hard time of it.”

“Is he mad at us?” Kyle asked.

“Not at all! He’s concerned for Darya’s cousin, but he knows it’s not your fault. He’ll see you as soon as he finishes feeding Talira.”

“How is she?” Darya asked. “She came closer than I’ve ever seen her.”

”She’ll be fine.” Rilletta ran a hand through her dark blue hair and tutted softly. “It’s her own fault, silly girl. It was barely a scratch. It wouldn’t have pushed her over the edge if she’d fed first.” Her eyes went distant for a moment. “He’ll see you now.” She pushed open the doors and led them inside.

Ystelyan was lounging on his throne, running one hand affectionately through Talira’s hair as she sat at his feet with her head against his knee. It might have been called sweet if it wasn’t for the fact she was sobbing, and that several pretty young dryads and wood haltia were lying in a disturbingly still heap in front of her.

Darya gave a little squeak of distress at the sight and looked away.

“Don’t worry, Darya,” Ystelyan reassured him gently. “I stopped her killing any of them. Though it’ll probably be a few days before they wake up.” He looked over at Rilletta. “Would you attend to them and make sure they get home safely, dearest? If it’s safe to send them home. that is. I don’t want a repeat of that disaster at Elapyron City last year.”

“Of course, my love!” She bowed. “I doubt there will be a problem with Waldhafen, but I’ll monitor the situation.” She clapped her hands and a pair of goblins appeared and helped her carry the unconscious speakers from the room.

“Thank you.” Ystelyan turned his attention back to Kyle. “Not the best of days, my alran.”

Kyle dropped to one knee and clasped his right hand against his chest. “I apologise for our failure, my miran.”

“It wasn’t your fault. But we do need to get hold of Darya’s cousin as soon as possible. The dark warrior is impressively strong but poorly trained. I doubt he’ll hold out for long if Gerian sends a concerted attack against him. And he surely will. We know he’s aware of the upsurge of births. The group he recruited two years ago prove that. I have no doubt he’ll want the seeker’s pendant.” He leaned forward. “The only way to  stop him is make sure he can’t capture Melusine.”


“I believe you are intending to leave tomorrow, warriors?” Dariad said. He had come up to their new quarters as soon as his head had cleared and was considering how to broach the alarming results he was getting from his interrogations.

“We are, your majesty,” Karen said. “We need to get Alban and find out why we are here.”

“I will get Brita to organise some supplies for you, then,” he said. “Will Eyvindr be accompanying you?”

“If they’ll have me,” Eyvindr said. “Though I’m not sure what use I’d be. I’ll certainly be moving on, either way. I don’t think you need another refugee to house with the problems you have at the moment.” He looked away and scowled. “And I’m not sure I want to be around other refugees.”

“I see. Can I ask you about what happened to you? You were being controlled by the Dragon Lord?”

“Yes, we do need to talk about that.” Eyvindr looked over at Lydia. “Have you still got that thing?”

“Hmm? Oh, Yes!” She rifled around in her backpack and produced the slender circlet. “This is like the thing which was controlling him. It’s not the actual one – that was in pieces after Korrig cut it off.” She handed it to Dariad.

“The thing is, it’s taken me a while to work out what the date is,” Eyvindr began. “If what Hreid’s told me is right, this Dragon Lord person only conquered the place six months ago.”

“Well closer to seven now,” Dariad said. “Is that significant?”

“Well, yes, since the last thing I remember is being hauled before the Council around fourteen moons ago.” He rubbed at his forehead. “I remember that thing as well, but the whole thing is unclear. Could I use your mirror? It might clarify things.”

“I was afraid of that,” Dariad said softly.

“What, that I wanted to use your mirror?”

“No, I’m glad you’ve asked that. It means you have nothing to hide. I was afraid that it wasn’t the Dragon Lord controlling you. Of course you can use the mirror.” He scowled at the floor. “So far I’ve identified nine of the ringleaders in this rebellion, and they’re all high ranking nobles who managed to escape from Elapyron when it fell. Fortunately all the ordinary refugees are clear so far. But I need to know what the hell was going on there.”

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    I love this story!

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    I enjoyed reading this, it made me what to learn more about the ‘red one’ and how the pendant could be used. I like plots twists and turns, that’s why I enjoyed Bloodline: Alliance so much, there are plenty of plots twists to keep it suspenseful and it was also interesting to work out the alliances on and under the surface between the main character and the group she falls in with.

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