Dragon Wars: Land of Myth Chapter Six Part Two

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Chapter Six
Part Two

Mela could hear the all-clear alarm sounding behind her in the distance. That meant the fleeing townsfolk would return home before they reached this clearing. But surely the council would send someone to find them?

Ebona came over and nuzzled her heart friend before dipping her horn to touch him. Mela dropped her hands from the spear, sat back on her heels and watched as most of his wounds closed and scabbed over. When Ebona raised her head, only the wound in his shoulder remained.

“That is beyond my skill to heal. We’ll need to find a trained healer for that,” she said. “And even a true healer will need to remove the spear first.”

“I know,” Mela said. “But I can’t even budge it from the tree.”

A twig snapped behind them, making them both jump. Mela gave a little shriek and spun around. When she realised who the elaborately-robed man standing there was, she shrieked even more loudly. Then she blinked in confusion and looked from him to Daniel.

“Oh, stop that, girl,” the Dragon Lord said in an irritable tone. “I’m not here to hurt anyone.” He strode past her and slipped his hands around behind Daniel, grasping the spear where it emerged from his shoulder and entered the tree. There was a ripple in the air and the wood around the spear cracked, allowing him to pull the weapon out.

“Why are you here?” Ebona asked in a challenging tone.

He looked over at her with a sad smile as he carefully pulled the spear through Daniel’s wound. “”Daniel may have chosen to take sides against me – and after what Jayden did to him in my name, I don’t blame him. But what sort of father would leave one of their children in this state and not do something about it?”


“It must have doubled in size!” Dariad swallowed as he stared down at glowing torrent below.  His head was aching from being this close to the Mabain and he had to cling to the cave wall to keep himself from pitching into it. And he wanted to so badly. It was the nature of raw Mabain to call Speakers to return to it if they got too close.

He heard a groan behind him and realised Hreid was having trouble as well.

Alaryia, on the other hand, was unphased. She stepped out onto the ledge and leaned over, apparently looking for something. “I need to find the tear.” she said after a moment.

“What? Why?” Dariad stepped out onto the ledge and then immediately wished he hadn’t as his head swam and only force of will stopped him jumping.

“Careful!” Alaryia grabbed his hand. The moment her skin touched his, his head cleared a little. “You don’t want to jump. It’s just the fumes.”

“I know.” He looked back at Hreid who was kneeling just up the tunnel and heaving. “You’d better go back. Tell Brita we need to evacuate another two levels. It’s going to get a little crowded.” He looked at Alaryria. “I guess you’re right, I will have to take you up on your offer. We’ll lose Caerdu if I don’t.”

Hried looked up and nodded weakly. “It wasn’t this bad last time we were down here.” He rose to his feet and staggered up towards the city proper.

“I knew you’d see it my way. You should go too, your majesty.” Alaryia said. “It isn’t safe for you here.”

He nodded and let go of her hand to edge back towards the tunnel. His head began swimming again and he grabbed her hand again. The wooziness and urge to jump cleared immediately. “Just don’t let me jump, please.”

“Of course,” she said. “But I’m surprised you trust me that much.”

”I probably wouldn‘t if my head was clear, but I daren’t let go of your hand!” He gave her a baffled look. “How are you doing that?”

She didn’t answer but the smile she turned on him and the fact she didn’t ask what he meant confirmed his suspicion that she was doing something. He stared at her for a long moment trying to intimidate an answer from her but she just smiled back at him. In the end he just sighed.

“Why do you want to find the tear anyway?”

“Because we’ll cap its source if we can. It’s a touch harder, but safer for your people because there won’t be fumes or a great pool of the stuff for them to jump into.” She edged along the ledge a bit more. He followed cautiously, still clinging to her hand.  They rounded a corner to see a cascade of Mabain pouring out of a glowing tear in the air. “There we are. Isn’t it beautiful?”

Dariad flinched backwards and looked away, unintentionally letting go of Alaryia’s hand. Another wave of dizziness overcame him forcing him to cling to the wall. “That’s not the word I’d use for it.”

“No, I don’t suppose it would be. I told you not to carry on,” she said mildly as he began to to edge back towards the tunnel. “Let me help you.”

“I’ll be okay.” He shook his head to try and clear it, sank to his knees and vomited onto the ledge. “I just need to…”

He only realised he’d been about to push himself off the ledge when she pulled him back.

“Come on, Dariad” she said softly. “Let’s get you back up where the air is fresher.”

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  2. Stig Hemmer says:

    Ow, that Mabian stuff is dangerous!

  3. Fiona says:

    I’m picturing something like a river of lava.


    • admin says:

      Yep, father. I was worrying I hadn’t laid enough foreshadowing for it, but Inventrix (my beta reader) thinks the occassional shocking revalation is fine.

      And describing mabain as a kind of supernatural lava is actually accurate… though it’s silver not red (which I probably need to work into the description at some point).

  4. mjkj says:

    Wow, so the Dragon Lord really is their father…

    …then there is no wonder about the affinity of them to this realm…

    …I wonder how he met their mother then… 🙂

    *heads back to the beginning*

    …and how he is able to live in our world…

    And indeed it really is quite bad, that Mabian…


    • admin says:

      I think there’s a couple of slight misunderstandings about the Dragon Lord there. My bad. *Makes notes for any future edit*.

      1. When Kyle said “Ystelyan-miran wants him to know that he’s less than pleased with him for enslaving his children.” It was slightly unclear. Ystelyan is unhappy that the dragon lord has enslaved some of Ystelyan’s children. Bit of pronoun confusion.

      2. The Dragon Lord isn’t a dragon, he’s human. Exactly why people call him that will be explained later (though there is a big hint in point one). 🙂

      Re: Alaryia: I’m saying nothing except that how she’s doing it is important.

  5. mjkj says:


    Oh, she really seems to be trustworthy and kind – I wonder how she is doing that – making it bearable for Dariad…


  6. Lucy says:

    Oh dear… “Luke, I am your father”… That certainly was unexpected! Intriguing though… Makes me wonder a few things, but I won’t say what, will just keep reading 🙂

    • admin says:


      I suppose so, except Daniel already know who he was.

      • Scott says:

        The rest of them don’t seem to though…all references thus far have been to a regular Earth-dwelling conspiracy nut. Or at least someone with theories on those which disagree with one of his kid’s–I can’t recall at the moment which direction each of them goes.

      • admin says:

        Yeah, Andrew agrees with him, Lydia doesn’t. Karen’s thoughts on the matter haven’t been brought up yet.

        I could have foreshadowed it more, but there was one point where Daniel intimated that he was worried which side Andrew would take because he has odd ideas(Ch 3.7), and at other points he’s intimated that the Dragon Lord doesn’t expect Lydia to be able to use her abilities. (Ch2.1 and Ch2.5 come to mind). It was supposed to be foreshadowing, but it didn’t work.

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