Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Five Part Five

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“I wish I was sure of that, Ril,” Ystelyan said. “Yoou’re probably right but there are strains of alien essence in it that make me cautious.”

“That’s how I destroyed my sample,” Savira said. “Though I used a vat of mabain rather than just dumping in the sea because I had the same doubts that you did.” She frowned thoughtfully. “It was rather slow to dissolve, but it did and Jolanan monitored it for a several months to check it was really gone before we dumped it back in the sea.”

“I think that’s the best option,” Darlrydan said. “It certainly needs destroying and it will be easy enough to monitor. I’d do it in the far reaches as well just to keep it away from any possible hosts if it does reactivate.”

“Not a bad idea,” Ystelyan said. “I’ll give it a try.” He handed the vial back to the goblin who had bought it. “Put back in confinement for now.”

“If it does get loose again, Sal and the healers of Waldhafen found a cure towards the end of the original outbreak,” Sonia said. “And I’m sure they’d share it.”

“They did,” Estara said. “I was watching. It was very impressive given that it deafeted both Al and me. Did Sarah-alra mention it feeling familiar?”

“She did,” Matthias said. “She said that she thought it was engineered and that the signature felt like she should know it. I didn’t think much of it at the time. She did say it wasn’t Mitakrian though, she knew his signature all too well from Caerdu.”

“Yes, I suppose she would after he unleashed that plague on Caerdu,” Estara said. “Now we know they are allied, I suspect Xantaria had something to do with that. As you’ve noticed she has a taste for weaponised diseases.”

“Hmm… yes, she does rather,” Matthias said. “Did she always?”

“Oh, yes,” Darlrydan said. “It’s one of her least attractive traits, which is saying something given how unattractive her traits are in general.” He glanced over at Savira. “Yes, we checked for diseases as well.”

Savira actually smiled at that. “Oh, once you said that you checked her I knew you wouldn’t have forgotten that.”

“Yes,” he said. “And it would have been better for you to warn us rather than trying to kill Lydia-ida. Why did you…” He trailed off as she glared at Matthias. “Ah, I see.” He shook his head. “But why did you try to frame Aneira-miria?”

“I didn’t want a fight,” she said. “And I thought it might make you take a closer look at what she’s doing. She’s got a spy on Taloa, though I don’t know who, and she’s planning an incursion there very soon.”

“And you know this how?”Matthias said.

“She tried to recruit Jolanan and when he refused, to kill him. I had to stop her.” She shuddered. “Void! That was a fight. She nearly killed me but I saw her off somehow.”

“Well we suspected she had a spy,” Indaturan said.

“Yes,” Adrian said. “I think I need to introduce my family to a unicorn’s special ability and find out who it is.”

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  1. Torvawk says:

    So many questions and no answers:

    * Who is going to know Savira into transition?
    * Who will end up raising her?
    * Was she trying to fix or break her bond with her heart friend? I did not quite understand her objectives. Fix I think.
    * Who is the spy?
    * Why did Xantaria want Lydia rescued when they did? To complete and experiment for her?
    * …

  2. mjkj says:

    Wow, great 😀

    PS: Typo:
    “*Yoou’re* probably right but there are strains of alien essence in it that make me cautious.” => *You’re* only one *o*

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