Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Five Part Four

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“I see what you mean about it being familiar,” Alaryia said. “There is a tang to it that’s like trying to recall a name and yet it’s definitely not anyone I know.”

“I get the same feeling,” Darlrydan said.

“So do I,” Sonia said. “And I don’t think we have many aquaintances in common.” She tilted her head at the vial. “And somehow I don’t think it’s any of them. Is everyone getting the same sense?” She waited as everyone agreed that they were then nodded. “That’s subtle. Whoever did this disgused their signature to stop anyone identifying them.” She looked at Savira. “Are you sure you didn’t do it? You have that skill and it’s not exactly what I’d call common.”

“I didn’t!” Savira looked at Ebona. “Please tell her that I didn’t.”

Ebona gave her a bareful glare but then sighed. “She didn’t and I do want to know who did because they killed a lot of my kin as well.”

“I might know,” Savira said. “As you said it’s not a common skill. The only other person I know who can do that is Azarlian-idan–” She broke off as Ystelyan hissed. “Yes, he does have a grudge against you, doesn’t he?”

“And he’d try to hide it as well,” Ystelyan said. “A challenger trying to weaken their opponent like that is…” He trailed off. “No, it can’t be, he may hate me but he’s still blue.”

“I don’t know,” Rilleta said thoughtfully. “Azarlian is very twisted. He might have seen the plague as a just return simply being on your side.”

“Yes,” Ystelyan said. “That’s possible.”

“Who’s Azarlian?” Matthias asked. “Another minor court head?”

“Exactly,” Rilletta said. “He’s challenged Ystelyan for the Blue miriate several times in the last few centuries and always lost. And every time he loses he gets angrier and more bitter.”

“He thinks I killed his parents,” Ystelyan said. “I didn’t – it’s another thing to blame Xantaria for – but there’s no talking sense to him about it.”

“And I think you can blame Xantaria for that as well,” Savira said. “He doesn’t talk to her, no matter what he’s done he has better taste than that, but I have noticed that several members of court do and I’m pretty sure some of them are more loyal to her than him.”

“Yes, I’ve noticed that as well,” Darlrydan said. “And he trusts them.”

“It scarcely matters if Xantaria is behind him,” Estara said. “If he’s been breaking the rules of engagement, we have to deal with him. But we have to prove it first and I think that will be difficult.” She eyed the vial. “Because whoever did that is a better concealer than Savira-ida. We won’t be able to peel it back without destroying the evidence.”

“Then we have to draw him out somehow.” Alaryia tutted to herself. “Or get him to confess. Let me think about it awhile.” She glanced back at the vial. “And you should destroy that unless you think there’s more to learn from it. Even inert, the malice in it is scratching my skin.”

Ystelyan looked at her for a moment then nodded. “It has that effect on everyone. You’re probably right. I just haven’t figured out a way to do that without releasing it again.”

“I’ve told you. Toss it into the mabain sea,” Rilletta said dryly. “It’s enough of this world it wouldn’t survive that.”

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  1. shade says:

    “I’ve told you. Toss it into the mabain sea,” Rilletta said dryly. “It’s enough of this world it wouldn’t survive that.”

    Nope, bad idea, probably Xantaria plot.

  2. mjkj says:

    Wow, so many intrigues… :O

    I hope they can find out for real and eliminate the culprit – and find a way to dispose of the plague safely…

    PS: typos suspected:
    Whoever did this *disgused* their signature to stop anyone identifying them.” => missing *i* => *disguised*

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