Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Part Nine

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“Could you bring me some more clothes back after the meeting?” Karen asked that evening before Andrew and Matthias left to join Sonia. “I’m still missing half my favourite outfits.”

“Yes, Sonia’s already planning to grab some stuff for all of us.” Matthias said. “She also wants to raid the vegetable patch and pantry.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea,” Karen said. “It’ll boost our stores, which we could really do with. Are you sure that it’s okay for just you, mum, Drew and Naria to go?”

“No, it isn’t,” Sarah said firmly from the doorway. She was bouncing the newly hatched infant Emms in her arms and Lucas was standing just behind her. “You need us with you; not just for backup but because it sounds like some of Andrew’s friends will need treating as soon as possible.”

Andrew bit his lip at the mention of his name and tried not to glare at the baby, but it wasn’t easy. He still wasn’t right with the situation, apparently. He made a note to mention it to Melissa during their next session.

Matthias gave her a long look. “I don’t want to take too many people; it might intimidate our guests. And you need to look after him.” He nodded at the baby.

“It’ll be fine,” Lucas said. “I’ll make sure they aren’t intimidated if you want and you know Sal’s right. If those kids are sick, they’ll need her.”

Matthias tilted his head thoughtfully. “Okay, that’s a point about needing Sal along, but don’t go nudging our guests without permission, Lucas. It’s rude and imagine the trouble if someone catches on.”

“Like I’d get caught.” Lucas gave a snort. “Give me more credit than that. But if you insist, I’ll keep my nose out of it. You should still have me along as backup though.”

Matthias looked like he might argue some more, but then sighed and nodded. “I guess it is wise, even though I doubt there’s much risk.”

“Unless they decide to blame us for what happened,” Lucas said. “People can be unreasonable, after all. And these people have lost kin and can’t reach the people really responsible.”

“That’s a point,” Matthias said. “But we can handle it.” He eyed the baby again and Andrew suddenly realised that his father was as uncomfortable about this as he was. Somehow it made him feel better about how he was feeling. “But you can’t bring him. Who’s going to look after him?”

“Lyr has said she’ll do it.” Sarah kissed the top of the baby’s head. “You know, his mind has a good feel to it when he’s not all messed up. I hope we can keep it that way this time.”

“What are you naming him?” Andrew finally managed to asked. “Not either of his names, surely?”

“No,” she said. “I’m going to call him Paul, I think.”

“That’s as good a name as any,” Matthias said. “You drop him off with Lyr and then we’ll go and join Sonia before the guests arrive.”

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