Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Part Ten

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“Ah! Good, you’re here!” Sonia said as they jumped in. “I know our guests aren’t due for half an hour, but we should be ready before then in case some of them arrive early. How many people are coming?”

“Well if it’s just the club members and their parents, then fifteen or so,” Andrew said. “I did tell George just the club, but in the circumstances I wouldn’t be surprised if he tells more people about it.”

“It would be understandable,” Mattias said, “but I hope not. We can handle more but it would be a bit crowded.”

“I’m going to open the double doors between the lounge and conservatory so we can use both,” Sonia said. “Drew, there’s some squash in the kitchen; make up a couple of pitchers and put out some biscuits and crisps. I doubt people will be much interested in eating with all we have to tell them but we should be hospitable anyway.”

“Yes, mum.” Andrew headed into the kitchen but he had barely grabbed the squash when there was a knock at the front door. He stopped and looked towards it.

“You should get that,” Sonia said. “They’re your friends after all. Worry about the snacks after that.”

Andrew nodded and went to the door. George and his father were standing there.

“Are we here first?” George asked as Andrew ushered them inside. “Dad wanted to come early because he wants to talk to your parents without everyone else here.”

“You are,” Andrew said. “Mum and Dad are in here.” He led them into the lounge where his parents waited along with Sarah, Lucas and Naria.

“Hello, George,” Matthias said. “Nice to see you again. This must be your fathe–” He stopped abruptly, staring at George’s father. Andrew glanced at his mother and saw her doing the same.

What’s wrong? Andrew asked.

Nothing really, Sonia said. Except your friend’s father is a wild.

That’s not that surprising. Matthias said. We knew there was fair chance any ember would have a wild parent. What’s more curious is that he’s trained and I know it’s not by us.

George’s father tilted his head at them. “That took you less time to spot than I expected.” He extended his hand. “Alan Marshall.”

“Pleased to meet you.” Matthias said. “I’m Matthias Morgan, though that’s not the name your son knows me by, and this is my wife, Sonia.” He hesitated. “I was sorry to hear about your wife.”

“Thank you,” Alan looked down sadly. “I know it’s not your fault. I have a fair idea that you tried to stop it.”

“May I ask who taught you to use your abilities?” Sonia asked.

Alan frowned. “I honestly don’t know. I want to say my mother, but I’ve never met my mother. She dumped me off on my father just after I was born and disappeared, so it can’t have been.”

“Yet you feel like it was,” Matthias said. “That’s interesting. If you want we’ll look into it later, but for now we don’t have time before the others arrive, especially not if youwish to speak with us first.”

“Well mostly I had an inkling you’d recognise I had powers and wanted to get that out of the way first,” he said. “But also I’m worried about George.” He laid a hand on his son’s shoulder. “I think he’s heading for an explosion like those kids in the news. I’ve been trying to help but it’s not my skill.”

“He’s not the only one,” Matthias said. “There’s a lot of Embers in Drew’s little club. That’s one of the reasons we’re here.”

“The other being that you do deserve an explanation of why we were concealing our identities before,” Sonia said.

“I thought as much,” Alan said. “Also, can you keep this from the government? I don’t trust them.”

“By avoiding explosions, we hope to do just that,” Matthias said.

Sarah in the meantime had taken George’s hand. “Come on young man, let’s get you sorted out before the others get here.” She led him to one of the sofas.

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    Wow, great update
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    PS: beta stuff:
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    Still loving the story.

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    Great update!

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    I still want to know what is with Andrew and Embers.

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