Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Part Seven

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An hour later, Andrew flopped onto his bed and looked over at Daniel, who was making the other bed for himself.

“Sorry to get you all messed about like this,” he said.

“Not a problem,” Daniel smiled at him. “Mum explained and it sounds important. But how are you, it can’t be easy.”

“I’m really tired,” Andrew said. “And kind of lonely. Which is ridiculous because Nari’s just next door and the bond is still there. I keep wanting to reach for her but Mum and Lucas say I shouldn’t.”

“From what mum told me, they’re right,” Daniel said. “You don’t want to undo your good work.”

“I know,” Andrew said. “And that’s easy enough while we’re awake. I’m just worried we might reach for each other while we’re asleep.”

“We’ve got plan for that,” Sonia said from the door. “If you’re okay with it, I need to slip in a nudge not to do that. Naria has already let me but I know you won’t like the idea.”

“I don’t,” Andrew agreed. “But I get the logic so I’ll let you, as long as it’s just that.”

“Thank you,” Sonia said. “You can follow me to check if you want.”

“No need,” he said. “I do trust you, mum.”

“Glad to hear it.” She sat beside him on the bed and laid one cool hand on his forehead. “Let me in for a moment.”

Andrew took a breath and forced himself to relax. A moment later he felt his mother brush through his mind briefly for a second before withdrawing.

“There,” she said. “All done!”

“That was quick,” Andrew said.

“Well it’s a quick thing,” she said. “Now try to get some sleep, you’ve got a busy day tomorrow.”

“Yes, Mum,” Andrew said. “Thanks.”
Next morning, Andrew was tired and gritty-headed. In spite of his best efforts, he had struggled to sleep at all. Naria looked just exhausted as she came into the dining room for breakfast. Sonia took one look at the two of them and sighed.

“I was afraid of this. You two are in no fit state to be on a rescue team today. You can stay here and try and contact Drew’s friends on Facebook instead.”

“Probably nap as well,” Naria said. “Separately, that is.”

“Yes, that’s not a bad idea,” Sonia said. “Now breakfast. Eggs and toast again, I’m afraid.”

“That’s fine,” Naria sad. “And I got a messaage back from my mirian. He has no idea where Xantaria’s heart friend is, but he’s going to ask around the others. He’s going to ask Alsia about it as well, since she was on the idri council and might know how they hid them. He also suggests Lydia contaact Fellaria.”

“Sure,” Lydia said from the door. “That’s a good idea. I’ll do it after breakfast.”

“Great!” Sonia put the big bowl of fluffy scrambled eggs on the table. “Hopefully we’ll have a lead on them soon. Then maybe we can finally take the offensive.”

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  1. mjkj says:

    Yup, taking the offensive sounds good.

    PS: beta and stuff:
    “That’s fine,” Naria sad. “And I got a *messaage* back from my mirian. => double *a* => *message*

    He also suggests Lydia *contaact* Fellaria.” => double *a* => *contact*

    • Nandan says:

      Hah, I here thought the double-*a*s were just Naria being so damn tired she couldn’t help yawning while talking. ^_^

      • mjkj says:

        Well, that could be – though those double letters appeared plenty at the last whisper update so I guessed it was typing related and pointed it out. Might be the keyboard or the mobile device acting up, I guess…

      • Rebecca Sutton says:

        It seems to be a combination of typing issues and the keyboard on this laptop.

        Thanks for the spots, btw.

      • mjkj says:

        You are welcome

      • Rebecca Sutton says:

        Nah, mjkj was right. It’s a typo.

  2. Chunkybutt647 says:

    He has no idea where Xantaria’s heart friend is, but he’s going to ask around the others.

    should really be

    He has no idea where Xantaria’s heart friend is, but he’s going to ask around to the others.

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