Lord of the Wolves Chapter Three

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Lord of the Wolves

Chapter Three

The next three people that Liam and Tyler took David to had also refused to help. The last one had slammed the door in Tyler’s face. The sun had been up for an hour when they pulled into the driveway of a very ordinary suburban semi-detached house, yet in spite of not having slept in over twenty four hours – unless you counted being knocked out briefly – David did not feel fatigued at all. It seemed that Tyler was right about him not having to sleep as much.

“If Cherie won’t help us I really can’t imagine who will,” Liam said as he put the handbrake on. Even before he turned off the engine a statuesque woman with long black hair and soft blue eyes with catlike pupils came out and strode towards the car.

“Well that doesn’t look too hopeful,” Tyler said as Liam opened the car door Cherie bent down so her eyes were level with his.

“You already know what I’m going to say don’t you,” she said. “I know you”™ve spoken to the other lore keepers already.” She sounded sad.

“I have a fair idea, yes,” Liam said.

“I thought so,” she said. “At least that makes this easier. I’m very sorry but I can’t help you.” She looked to where David was sitting in the back. “I’m really sorry, kid. I want to help you, really I do, but I can’t.”

“Cherie, is someone stopping you helping us?” Tyler asked.

“I never said that,” she said quickly. “I merely said I can’t help you.” She gave another heavy sigh. “I’m afraid you won’t find anyone who will be able to help you. Most of those who could won’t even want to.”

“Why not?” Liam asked.

Cherie looked around cautiously before replying. “What do all the current lore keepers in the area have in common?”

“Are you saying the court of seasons has something to do with this?” Tyler exclaimed.

Cherie looked straight at him with a sad smile. “I didn’t say that, my Lord,” she said.

“No, but you implied it,” Tyler said. “If you need shelter, Cherie, you know where to find me.”

“Thank you, my Lord,” she said quietly. “But I really hope it won’t come to that.”She looked back at David. “Good luck, kid. I’m afraid you’re going to need it.” She rose to her feet and headed back into the house leaving them sitting there. Liam watched her go before putting the car in gear and driving off.

“Well that was informative,” he said after a moment,

“It was,” Tyler agreed. “I hope she doesn’t get in trouble.”

“Was it?” David asked, before looking at Tyler. “She called you lord?”

“Ah, yes.” Tyler looked embarrassed. “I have some rank among the courts.”

Liam snorted. “Some rank he calls it.”

“Well it means very little,” Tyler said.

“You’re the Night King’s champion, Tyler,” Liam said dryly. “You have real power, and not just in the Court of Hours. You just don’t care to exercise it.”

“I know, but don’t want to upset anyone by throwing my weight around,” Tyler said.

“I do understand but if the Court of Seasons are being antagonistic you may have to,” Liam said. “Call Kate. I have a funny feeling about this.”

Tyler didn’t reply to that but he did produce a phone and dial someone. “Hi, Kate, it’s me-“ He stopped abruptly and listened. “She did? What did she have to say?” He listened some more and glanced around at David with a worried scowl. “Damn! What did you say?” Another pause then he burst out laughing, “She won’t like that.” After a moment he sobered again. “But Kate, the Summer Champion is very dangerous and you’re expos- Yes, I quite agree. As long as you’re sure. We’ll have to warn people. I’ll call the night folk if you call the day… yes, of course including Penny. I may not like her but I wouldn’t leave her at their mercy. Yes, talk to you later, Kate. Take care.” He turned the phone off and leaned back. “Damn!”

“Sounds like I was right,” Liam said.

“You were,” Tyler said. “The Summer Champion requested an audience with Kate. She says the Court of Seasons will declare war on us if we don’t deliver David’s head on a platter.” He turned and looked at David with a wry smile. “Don’t worry, Kate told her where to shove her platter.”

“You shouldn’t put yourself at risk for my sake,” David said.

“No, it’s fine,” Tyler said. “We won’t be bullied.”

“But you said she was exposed?” David said.

“Kate is the Day Queen of the Court of Hours.” It was Liam who answered. “She’s exposed because her champion died recently.”

“Of an iron tipped crossbow bolt to the throat,” Tyler said neutrally.

“No, that was just a symptom,” Liam said. “He died of being an evil arsehole.”

Tyler snorted at that. “I never said I disapproved.”

“You killed him?” David asked.

“I did,” Liam said. “He fed on unhappiness – which would be neither here nor there – all mistwalkers have to feed on something. Except he was deliberately manipulating people into suicidal despair in order to feast and he really didn’t need to. He wasn’t a bond feeder and there’s unhappiness enough in the world.”

“Ugh!” David said. He looked over at Tyler. “Um…”

“Fear,” Tyler said.

“Huh?” David said.

“Bren and I feed on fear,” Tyler said. “You were wondering.”

David eyed him uncertainly. “You scare people. That seems ““ huh-“

“Not usually,” Tyler said. “Though if I’m hungry I will. Sadly that’s not often.”

“Sadly?!” David stared at him.

“Yes, sadly,” Tyler said. “Unless you think it’s a good thing that there’s more than enough ambient fear and anxiety in the world that I can remain well fed with out having to actively evoke the emotion.”

“Huh,” David said again. “Well when you put it that way I see what you mean. But I’m going to feed on something.”

“Sure,” Liam said. “But unless you are really, really unlucky it won’t require hurting anyone, let alone killing them.”

“I’ll probably be unlucky,” David said sourly.

“Even if you are there’s usually a work around,” Tyler said. “But really it’s not likely.”

“Except his grandmother was Leannaun which increases the chance,” Liam said

“Buh,” David said.

“You’ll be fine,” Tyler said. “Though we will need to find out what you are soon. You don’t want to get hungry.”

“You need to teach him to glamour those eyes, and teach him about the mists.” Liam glanced at David in the rear view mirror. “You won’t get hungry for a few days yet but you’d probably wander into the mists without realising and with the Summer Champion after you that’s really not a good idea.”

“Liam’s right,” Tyler said. “I’ll do that later today.”


“Anna woke up briefly while you were out,” Tanya said. “Daniel gave her a sedative but she should wake up soon.”

“Is she okay?” David asked.

“No, she’s scared and confused,” Tanya said. “But that’s to be expected and I’m sure she will be.”

“Is someone keeping an eye on her?” David asked. “She shouldn’t be alone.”

“Of course,” Tanya said. “Jason’s with her right now, I was just going to relieve him when you knocked on the door.”

“I’ll do it if you want,” David said. “I’m still technically responsible for her.”

“Are you sure?” Tanya said. “How long since you slept?”

“I’m fine, Tan,” David said. “Apparently fairies and daemons don’t sleep much.”

“Really?” Tanya said. “That’s interesting. Werewolves don’t either. So did you find out what you are?”

“No,” David said. “But apparently whatever it is it might be worth going to war over.”

“What?” Tanya stared at him.

“I’ll explain later,” Liam said. “But apparently the Court of Seasons want him dead so badly they’ve threatened the Court of Hours over him.”

“That’s not good,” Tanya said. “I don’t know much about mistwalkers but I know enough to know the Court of Seasons are very dangerous.”

“They are dangerous,” Liam said. “But the Court of Hours are not without claws.”

“I’d imagine not,” Tanya turned to look up the stairs as Jason appeared with Anna leaning on him. “Ah! You’re up. I’ll make breakfast and it’s time for some introductions I think. Pretty much everyone is still here.”

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  1. White Tiger says:

    Ooooooh, more and more interesting. I like it… apart from the fact Merry is sad 🙁

  2. torvawk says:


    What a read, so much happening.

    “I have a fair *ides*, yes,” Liam said.
    ides = idea

    Unless you think *it’s* a good thing that
    I think you only use it’s if “it” possess something (it’s handle). it is = its no apostrophe. Though I could be wrong 🙂

    “But all the same he got away
    might be a bit picky but I think there is a pause in the sentence after same so you need a comma.

    “I will. Fortunately I persuaded Floyd
    another comma after Fortunately

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      Thanks for the comment and the spots.

      The it’s is correct. It’s one of those that catches people out because apostrophe usually means possessive but not with it. Where It’s = it is and its is possessive.

  3. KnightOwl says:

    suburban semi

    Might want to go into a wee bit more detail to make US readers understand that it’s a house and not a truck. 😀

    she sbroke off when

    sbroke = broke

    can someone escourt him and

    escourt = escort

  4. mousefu says:

    Is there a schedule for this novel or is it updated randomly

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      Unfortunately this one is updated sporadically as I complete a chapter. I hope to have another chapter up Next week.

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