Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Six Part Nine

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A/N: Check out this News and Updates post including info on Haventon Book 1 and the return of Whisper and Haventon Book 2.

“Yes, Kiataran would be a good choice, I think,” Darlryan said. “I’ll call him and see if he’s willing. He does like Andrew so I think he will be.” He looked at Sonia and Matthias. “If you’re okay with that?”

“Would you loan him to Drew the way Ystelyan has loaned him Naria?” Matthias asked.

“I will,” Darlryan said. “And anyone who objects to it being unorthodox can go hang themselves.”

“Then we’re okay with it,” Sonia said. “As long as Drew is.”

“I am,” Andrew said. “I like Kiataran.”

“I’ll speak with him then,” Darlryan said. “And we should send some goblins as well. They’ll be easier than dragons for you to look after.”

“They won’t need to feed, you mean?” Andrew asked.

“Exactly,” he said.

“I’m sure all of us can spare a few goblins,” Estara said. “That give you a lot of support. But I want to check Andrew-idan over before he goes back to Taloa with you, just in case she’s already slipped something in.”

“I’d be grateful,” Sonia said.

“I would too,” Andrew agreed. “I kind of like being alive.”

“Well we’ll make sure you stay alive, then,” Darlryan said. “In fact, I think I’ll come with you to keep an eye on you myself until Kiat arrives.”
Estara gave Andrew a clean bill of health before the group hurried back to Earth.

“First things first: We need to check that nothing else has gone wrong.” Matthias headed into the lounge, where James, Irina and Lisa were watching the news. “What’s happening?”

“Absolutely nothing,” Irina said.

“Well, not quite nothing,” James said. “But no new disasters. The military have quelled the riots and food deliveries are starting to get through, though they are bringing in rationing until trade gets back to normal. We’re getting a lot better at tracking emergences so there haven’t been any new explosions in the UK and the Europeans are doing okay as well.”

“Everyone is doing okay, dad,” Lisa said. “Even the Americans and you know how fractious the families there are. They are having some problems pulling together, but they’ve been less affected so far and I’m sure they’ll stop their squabbling soon. At least we got information on preventing people becoming Lost Ones out to everyone.”

“Yes, I think that’s the most important thing,” Darlryan said. “Followed by stopping Xantaria and preventing the explosions.” He paused as a brown metal imp appeared and landed on Darlryan’s shoulder. “Aha! Kiataran has replied already.” He absorbed the imp and almost immediately smiled. “Kiataran says he would be honoured to be your bodyguard, Andrew-idan.” He turned to Matthias. “May I summon him, please?”

“Yes,” Matthias said. “But only him.”

“Of course.” Darlryan said. “I know I have terrible reputation. Hell, I even deserve it, but I promise I’m not planning to play you false.” He closed his eyes. “Kiataran, attend me.”

Kiataran appeared a moment later and made to kneel but Darlryan stopped him. “No kneeling, Kiat, we’ve been over this. I’m your father, kin don’t kneel to kin.”

Kiataran snorted at that. “You are also my mirian, father, and a loan of my services calls for a certain level of formality.”

“I suppose, but I’m still not comfortable with you kneeling,” he said. “And it doesn’t require quite that level of formality. But let’s do this.” He took Kiataran’s hand in one hand and Andrew’s in the other and said something in draconic. Andrew recognised the same formal phrases Ystelyan had used when he officially lent Naria to him. Kiataran replied in a formal tone and Andrew felt something click in his head as it finalised. “There, it’s done.”

“It is my pleasure to help protect you, Andrew-idan,” Kiataran said. “Between Naria, myself and your family, I’m sure we can keep you safe.”

“Thank you,” Andrew said. “I really hope you are right.”

“I’m going to get Sal to check you over every night,” Sonia said. “Xantaria’s not going to poison you or infect you with some illness without us knowing. Has Anthony still been training you while you’ve been here?”

“Yes,” Andrew said. “He seems quite pleased with me. I’ll be able to fight if I need to. I hope I don’t need to.”

A/N: Check out this News and Updates post including info on Haventon Book 1 and the return of Whisper and Haventon Book 2.

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