Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Six Part Ten

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A/N: Check out this News and Updates post including info on Haventon Book 1 and the return of Whisper and Haventon Book 2.

“Drew can definitely fight,” Daniel said. “You saw how well he did when we stopped that Kithreian in London.”

“Yes,” Sonia said. “It was quite impressive. I’ve been meaning to ask: did Anthony teach you that trick?”

“Yeah,” Andrew said. “He said it would stop dragon cold and I figured it would work against a Kithreian as well.”

“I thought so, it looked like one of his tricks.” She nodded to herself. “Keep training, Drew. Not wanting to fight is admirable but probably not practical in the current circumstances.” She looked over at James. “So, rationing?”

“Yes,” he said. “With all the cargo ships not sailing because of what happened, food stocks are perilously low even now the supply lorries are moving again. It’s going to be months before things get back to anything resembling normal. They’re flying in some supplies but I’ve been working through the maths and I don’t think it’ll be enough to meet the promised rations for more than a few days. They’ve got a lid on the panic and riots for now but it could blow again at any minute if people realise that that.”

“I’ve been thinking about that,” Matthias said. “What if we offered our services to bring more food in?”

“Teleport it, you mean?” James looked thoughtful. “It would help but we’d be limited in the amount we could move, even if we got every powerful enough spatial manipulator on side.” He tutted to himself. “It would make us look good though. It’s certainly worth offering.” He rubbed the bridge of his nose. “We have to do something.”

“We’ll talk to our allies among the other families and speak to the prime minister, then,” Matthias said.

“And speaking of feeding people,” Sonia said. “Are you hungry, Lyd?”

Lydia considered the question then shook her head. “Not for energy, anyway. I could do with some normal food.” She yawned. “And another nap. I hope this settles down soon.”

“It will,” Darlryan said. “But you’ll have to to give it a few days. It’s a shock to the system at first and I imagine it’s worse for you because you were halfway to being Kithreia when we diverted it. That’s got to increase the trauma, but your body will soon adapt.”

“I hope so,” she said. “This constantly getting sleepy is getting annoying.”

“Believe me, I know.” Darlryan gave her a wry smile. “It may have been a few millenia ago but the transformation is not a thing you forget.”

“Come on, Lyd,” Matthias said. “I’ll get you something to eat. Then you can go nap.”

“And remember Alaryia’s advice,” Darlryan said. “Nap in your dragon form. It’s more natural to you now.”

“I will.” Lydia followed her father from the room.
“Kaz? Why is there a silver dragon lying on my bed?”

The unknown voice roused Lydia from her nap and she opened her eyes to find a girl about her age with short curly brown hair and hazel eyes staring at her quizzically. She didn’t sound angry, just curious.

“Maggie!” Karen emerged from the bathroom. “We weren’t expecting you until tomorrow. Let me dry my hair and I’ll explain.” She grabbed her hairdryer and glanced over at Lydia. “Best shift to your human form, Lyd.”

Lydia concentrated and shifted back into her own form before smiling at Maggie. “So you’re Kaz’s room mate?”

“Yes.” Maggie frowned at her. “And you’re her sister, apparently. How come you’re a dragon?”

“I said when I’d dried my hair,” Karen said.

Maggie glanced at Karen and gave a wry smile. “Okay, Kaz.” She extended her hand to Lydia. “Lydia Keefe-Morgan, I am Margaret Donovon. It is an honour to meet you.” She smiled again and her tone became less formal. “I think we’re second cousins or something.”

A/N: Check out this News and Updates post including info on Haventon Book 1 and the return of Whisper and Haventon Book 2.

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