Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Six Part Seven

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“Amisia is doing very well,” the unicorn replied. “Though she keeps sneaking out of bed and reopening her wounds or her healing would be even further along.”

“I want to look around,” she said. “This city is pretty.”

“You can look around once you can walk more than two steps without bleeding all over the floor,” he said firmly. “If you won’t consider yourself, then at least consider the effect it has on Alison when your condition worsens. You’re jeopardising her recovery as well.”

“But I’m bored!” she complained.

“What about a wheelchair?” Darlryan asked. “Would that be okay?”

“What’s a wheelchair?” the unicorn asked.

“It’s a human device for helping with mobility.” Sonia projected an image of one before looking at Darlryan. “That’s not a bad idea.”

“What a useful device,” the unicorn said. “Yes, that would allow her to leave her bed without reopening her wounds. Can you obtain one for her?”

“Of course,” she replied. “I’ll send it this evening.”

“Thank you,” he said.

“You’re welcome.” Sonia knelt down by Alison. “And how are you feeling?”

“Much better, but it feels weird. I can feel things shifting inside my head as Amisia recovers.” She looked at Savira who was standing between Estara and Indaturan. “Who are you and why are you chained?”

“This is Savira-ida,” Darlryan said. “She attacked Lydia and lost. We’re going to knock her into transition to keep her out of mischief.”

“That’s the other reason we’re here,” Faith said. “They’ve asked me to raise her and I have to go back to earth to look after her egg, so I’ll have to be away for the rest of your healing. Arran, Edwin and Logan will still be here, though.”

“That’s okay, Auntie Faith,” Alison said. “Father told me about Savira and her experiments. Transition will be good for her, I think.”

“I hope so,” Faith knelt down by Alison and hugged her. “I’ll keep in touch with Edwin and Arran and come to see you once the egg hatches, if you aren’t home by then.” She rose to her feet. “Okay, let’s go.”
Savira looked around as they emerged on Earth. “Void! This is Taloa? It feels so different from my mother’s memories of it.”

“It’s a lot more crowded now than it was then,” Darlryan said.

“Yes, I can sense that,” she replied. “I think this is going to be interesting.” She frowned and looked over at him. “You’ve grown up here as a dragon, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” he said. “Twice actually.”

“How did you deal with feeding before you knew what you were? Not that I’ll remember, but it is worrying me.”

“And you want reassurance.” Darlryan rolled his eyes. “This is my niece. Quite happy to dissect people to see how they work but won’t feed without permission.”

“Feeding without permission is rude,” she said. “And unnecessary. I still maintain my experiments were necessary.”

“See what I mean.” He chuckled and shook his head. “We’re not as hungry at first, Sav. It’s still perpetual but much less intense and you’ll actually need to feed very little. You’ve never been a child as a dragon so you wouldn’t know that. In both lives, I worked out that I was a psychevore before it grew too intense. In my first life, my adopted mother realised as well and worked with me to deal with it. This life was more difficult because I was stuck in the care system but I managed. I’m sure it won’t be too hard on you because Faith-alra knows about it and will help you.”

“Of course I will,” Faith said. “Don’t worry, we’ll make sure your needs are met ethically.”

“Thank you” Savira bowed to her and turned to Darlryan again. “Okay, I’m ready. Do it quickly, please.” She closed her eyes and her shoulders tensed slightly as she prepared for the blow.

“Of course, Sav.” Darlryan produced a large metal shard in one hand and impaled her with it in one smooth blow. The only sound she made was e a sharp gasp before she exploded into a blizzard of brown ice, which swirled around for a moment before gathering together and forming an egg at Faith’s feet.

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    So interesting. I hope growing up with Faith will change some of her outlooks on things.

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    Wow, they sure are behind in some ways…

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    Seems like Savira has a twisted view of things – at least she has some morals – and I believe they can build on that for her next life…

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