Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Six Part Six

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“Yes, let’s go!” Savira bounced excitedly. “This is so exciting. Even if this isn’t my cure it will give us so much important data.” She looked over Darlryan. “Will you make notes on what happens to mine and Kal’s bond while I’m in the shell for me, please?”

Darlryan laughed and shook his head. “You shouldn’t have to ask, Savira. Of course I will. I won’t even charge you for the favour.” He ruffled her hair. “I’ll be keeping an eye on you as well.”

“Thank you!” She inclined her head to him, stared at Kallis in her stasis bud for a long moment before turning back to Sonia. “Let’s do this.”

“Erm… I need to go and see Alison first,” Faith said. “I need to explain to her why I won’t be around for the rest of her recuperation. I’ll have to stay on Earth with Savira’s egg, right?”

“Fair enough,” Sonia said. “We can wait.”

“I want to meet her heart friend anyway,” Darlryan said. “Since she’s apparently one of my renegades.”

“Her name’s Amisia and she certainly says she is,” Saeaera said. “She’ll be pleased to see you.”

“Amisia!” he exclaimed. “Void! I never even dared… Yes, she’s not on the list of the missing I had Arilya-alra send me because we were sure she was dead along with the rest of her family. Please, I need to see her now.”

“You know her?”

“I’ve never met the child, no,” he said. “But I know of her and she’s important to me.”

“I see,” Saeaera led them towards another tree. “Her name surprised us because it’s a draconic name. She says her donor mother and rite twin were both goblins. I’d heard that could happen but I never thought to see it.”

“That’s true,” he said. “Her donor mother Layisa always did have a thing for nymph form… ” He trailed off. “Shalriya killed them in the same raid she captured Amisia. We assumed she was dead in the same raid – the body must have been misidentified.”

“Who is she to you?” Sonia asked. “Not just a renegade from your reaction. A relative?”

“Not a blood one. Well, maybe quite distantly.” He took a breath. “She’s the grandaughter of one of my Alrari and I raised her mother when he was knocked into transition. Maniyan will be so happy she’s alive. He thought his entire family was dead after that raid.”

Saeaera raised an eyebrow. “If her grandfather wishes to visit while she’s recovering, he’ll be welcome.” She chuckled wryly. “That’s a strange thought. The child may be the only nymph in the world who even has a grandfather.” She pushed open a door in the treehouse she’d led them to. “Here we are.”

Amisia was lying on a bed, with Alison sat on one side and a wood unicorn who must be her healer kneeling on the other. As they entered, all three looked around. Amisia’s eyes immediately focussed on Darlryan.

“My mirian!” She tried to scramble to her feet but the healer pushed her back down with his nose.

“Please stay still, Amisia,” he said. “You’ll open your wounds again.”

“Do as your healer says.” Darlryan knelt down beside her and took her hand.. “Dearest Amisia, I am so glad to see you alive. I wish we’d known Alison’s heart friend was you. It would have made getting Gerian to release you easier.”

“S-Shalriya left a fake body so no one would know I was alive and she could deal with me and Ali at leisure. S-she didn’t know Ali was Gerian’s daughter or we’d both be dead.” Amisia hugged herself. “I can’t hate him for saving us even if he was effectively holding me prisoner at the same time. Maybe I’d feel different if I’d been conscious.”

“Well I’ll concede he didn’t have much choice in your case,” Darlryan said. “I would have had to put you in stasis as well. But I wouldn’t have been too proud to appeal for help from other courts.” He took her hands. “Your grandfather will be so pleased you’re alive, my dear.”

“Grandad’s alive? But she hit him so hard during the raid. I was sure he was dead!”

“No, he was knocked out and left for dead but he survived. I’m sure he’ll come and visit you.”

“I’d like that,” she said.

“I’ll send him an imp then.” He turned to unicorn. “How is she?”

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