Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Eight Part Two

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Next morning, they all rose late after the night’s exertions and Lydia immediately headed to the sitting room to check the news. She wasn’t surprised to find her mother sitting there already, sipping tea and staring at the television. She looked around and smiled when Lydia came in.

“Morning, Lyd,” she said. “Last night could have gone a lot worse.”

“Well, except for Tarian,” Lydia said.

Sonia’s face fell and she nodded sadly. “Yes, I liked him and I’m going to miss him even though we hadn’t known him long. Lyr and Kari are really going to miss him. But even that could have gone a lot worse. At least he’s not dead and we got a message from Estara this morning. She thinks she has a suitable match for him – they’re going to deal with it later.”

“Oh! That’s a good idea.” Lydia looked at the screen. “Is the news still positive towards us?”

“Yes, there’s a sort of relief in the air,” she said. “They’re being a lot more open as well. I think they’re glad that they aren’t being threatened any more. The attempted coup and our upcoming meeting with the Prime Minister are the top stories.” She gave a bright grin. “And it makes full martial law less likely.”

“And no more emergences?”

“Not yet,” Sonia said. “But Sarah had a word with Fellaria and she said they happened in waves last time so that might be expected.”

“So today you meet with the Prime Minister? What about us?”

“Well, unless your father has other ideas, I’d suggest a trip to the other world to back up Karen.”

Lydia tilted her head. “Back up Karen?”

“Yes, Indaturan and Takilyan want her to face down Gerian to try and get Alison’s heart friend back so they’ve arranged a meeting. Alison will be going as well.”

“Huh,” Lydia frowned. “Is Karen okay with this? He did nearly kill her.”

“I’m fine, Lyd.” Karen came in. She was in a bathrobe and had her hair wrapped in a towel. “I won’t be alone after all. Aside from you, Indaturan and Takilyan will be there.”

“Both of whom are dubious allies,” Lydia said.

“I think Takilyan is trustworthy.” Karen gave a half smile. “And I don’t think Indaturan will betray us, not at this point anyway. Quite possibly never.”

“I hope you’re right,” Lydia said. “Count me in. Who else is coming apart from us and Alison?”

“Well Dan and Drew of course,” Karen said. “Aunt Sarah and Birke as well. Adrian, which is the other reason we’re going. We’re pretty sure we’ve got a lock on Kayleigh so as soon as we’ve finished with Gerian, we’re going after her with a shedload of help.”

“Isn’t that more important?” Lydia said.

“Yes,” Karen said. “But apparently Gerian insisted on this meeting today in return for not taking advantage of the fact we’re getting help from his peers again.”

“Ah,” Lydia said. “I knew he was a monster but now he’s a jerk as well. What’s to stop Xantaria killing her while we’re wasting time?”

“Nothing except she wants her alra back,” Karen said. “Adrian is pretty sure she’ll keep her alive for a while to attempt a swap. She’s too overconfident to believe we could rescue Kayleigh.”

“Let’s hope it is overconfidence,” Lydia said. “So, meet with Gerian, then rescue Kayleigh? Is that all?”

“For you, yes,” Sonia said. “We’ve got to introduce Alison and Logan’s family to everyone formally before the Prime Minister arrives.” She rose to her feet. “And before that, we all need breakfast.”

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