Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Five Part Six

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“So what do you need me to do?” Daniel asked as he and the other non-precognitive clairvoyants settled into the spare classroom.

“We’re going to merge and attempt to scry the facility where the military are debriefing Robert,” Alexandra said. “See if we can see a way to infiltrate a small group in to there to break his disguise without being caught.”

“Even without scrying that sounds like a tall order,” Daniel said.

“It’s an extremely long shot,” Alexandra agreed. “But if we can see a way, it’s worth a try. Otherwise we’ll place the attack group in the woods on the hill and hope that revealing him there is enough.”

“We’re also going to scry the facility where those kids who’ve emerged so explosively are being kept,” another woman – who Daniel hadn’t been introduced to yet – said. She extended her hand with a smile. “I’m Carrie Clayton.” When Daniel just stared at her suspiciously, she smiled slyly. “I think Matthias has been carrying tales.”

“Not really… but he did describe your family as enemies.”

Carrie laughed again. “That’s fair, but I think in this situation we can put it aside. Our mutual enemies seem far worse. Anyway, Lexxie would probably kill me if I hurt you.”

“Undoubtedly,” Alexandra said implacably. “Behave yourself Carrie.”

“Of course, Lexxie.” Carrie smirked again. “But as I was saying. We’re also going to scry where those kids are being kept because I may not agree with him on many things, but he’s right to think we need to rescue them and the idea of pinning it on these Kithreia is inspired.” She paused and looked thoughtful. “You know, if we can figure out a way in and spare enough people, tonight might be a good time to do that.”

“Uh?” For once Alexandra looked flummoxed.

“You aren’t thinking, Lexxie,” Carrie said. “If we can rescue those kids tonight and pin it on these Kithreia we can make it look like this guy who’s pretending to be Robert was creating a distraction by sending them after us.”

“Oh!” Alexandra said. “That would work, yes. Good thinking.” She looked around at the others. “Let’s do this then.” She offered a hand to Daniel. “I’ll handle the merge with Daniel here as I suspect he’s not trained, then bring the rest of you in.”

“Okay.” Daniel took a breath, feeling unaccountably nervous, and took Alexandra’s hand and lowered his shield.

“Good,” Alexandra said. “Now this is likely to be a bit uncomfortable. Bear with me.”

Uncomfortable was an understatement. As Alexandra flowed into his mind, it felt like something alien was creeping under his skin and it was only with effort that he kept his shield down.

Yes, sorry about that, she said. It’s because we’re not family. You’ll get used to it with practice. But while we’re merged and no one else is, let me give you some advice. Watch out for Carrie. She won’t hurt you but she may try and take advantage of the merge to try and have a snoop around in your head.

Well, I don’t really know much, Daniel said. I only just found out who I am after all.

I know, she said. But it’s bad manners. Call her on it. Carrie’s not a bad person any more than your father is but they really don’t agree on most things. There was a pause and he felt her mental smile. There, that’s better, isn’t it?

Uh? he said before realising that the feeling of being invaded had gone. Yes.

Good, she said. I’ll gather the others then.


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  1. mjkj says:

    Oh, it is getting interesting now

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      It certainly is. 🙂

      • mjkj says:

        Hmmm, was Daniel not the one who knew more about all of it being the Dark Rider and all…
        …he at least seemed to have more experience in chapter one and two…

      • Rebecca Sutton says:

        He knew more about using his powers (but not scrying imparticular and he hadn’t been trained for merges) than Andrew (though Karen secretely knew a heck of a lot more and Lydia was at least as good once she reconnected with her training) but nothing about the families or suchlike. He was working under a lot of false impressions after all. He’s assuming (not unreasonably) that Carrie will be after information on the Morgans and he knows little about them having only met a few days back.

      • mjkj says:

        True. I hope they can pull it through without anyone (of the good guys) getting hurt…

      • Rebecca Sutton says:

        Not long until we find out now 🙂

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