July 27th, 2014  |  Published in News

So here’s the thing. As you all know I’m on a publicity drive right now (hence the requests for votes on TWF etc at the end of every post at the moment).

I’m considering an author reading on Google Hangouts, Skype or similar (likely Hangouts). After the reading the guests could ask questions and suchlike. All Patrons and recent donators would be invited to join and (presuming we’re using Hangouts) it’ll stream live to Youtube for non-invitees to watch (otherwise it’ll be uploaded later). I’m guessing the whole thing will last about an hour.

So please answer the following in comments if you wish:

1. Would you be interested in this?

2. If you are and you’re not a patron how much would you be willing to drop in the hat to get access to the hangout rather than just watching on Youtube.

3. If you are interested would you like it to be a monthly event?

Yes this is similar to the $25/month perk on my Patreon but I’m thinking that might be better as an all Patrons thing so I’m also looking coming up with a better idea for the $25 dollar/month perk. Something like a side story written just for you at the rate of 500 words/month? Thoughts?

Another related – but slightly more complicated idea – would anyone be interested in hosting me for a virtual author appearance?

This would involve no money but instead you’d invite friends who you think might be interested in my book around to your place and we’d link up via Hangouts or Skype again. The structure would be similar – reading and questions and I’d send you some leaflets with links the website and places the books can be bought. There’s some details of the idea I need to work out yet but would anyone be willing?

I’m also crowdsourcing publicity ideas. Which is a posh way of saying do you have any ideas on how to spread the word?

Thanks again for being readers!


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