Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Four Part One

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Kyle and Darya were talking with Talira and her mother after Sarah had completed her comparative scans when Ystelyan summoned all of them. Hannah and Adrian were already in his throne room when they arrived, along with a blindfolded Kithreian woman. Behind him, he felt Xeria stiffen but before she could speak, Ystelyan held a finger to his lips and shook his head.

“We’ll discuss this after we’ve secured Dialdra here.” He looked at Indaturan who was pacing around her and scowling. “Do you want to keep her or shall I?”

Indaturan shrugged. “She’s here and your cells are secure enough to hold her.”

“Very well.” Ystelyan signaled to a pair of goblins who dragged Dialdra from the room. Only once the doors had shut behind her did he turn back to them. “I’m sorry about that. She’d come around so Xantaria was probably listening and I don’t wish her to know that Xeria-alra is here.”

“What’s going on?” Xeria said. “That was– well you know who she is. I don’t understand.”

“She was pretending to be Kayleigh!” Hannah said. “Damn! I’ve been hating Kay and it probably wasn’t her.”

“What?” Kyle felt his stomach twist. “What happened?”

“Pretty much what Hannah said.” Adrian broadcast a replay of events to everyone.

“I’ll go and fetch the Seeker’s Pendant.” Darya reached over and squeezed Hannah’s hand. “Don’t worry Han, we’ll find her.” He turned and ran from the room.

“They need you back at the meeting, Sarah,” Adrian said then. “There’s some injuries.”

“I saw,” Sarah said. “I’ll be back as soon as possible.” She opened a portal to Earth and vanished.

Ystelyan turned to Xeria. “Did you know she was doing anything like this, Xeria-alra?”

Xeria shook her head. “No, not to the humans anyway. I would have told you if I’d even suspected she was spying on them this way.”

“Not to the humans?” he said. “So she does it to other Kithreiri?”

“Rarely, because it’s hard to set up,” Xeria said. “And not at the moment as far as I know, but yes it’s not unknown. She’s been caught a few times as well, but no one has had the strength to dislodge her for it.”

“Do you know how she does it?” Indaturan asked.

Xeria shook her head again. “No, except that Adrian-alran is right that she needs the reference alive, and only Dialdra and Medarian could do it. I suspect the boy who ran was actually Medarian but that’s just my surmise. The trick he pulled with that poor girl is certainly Medarian’s style.” She looked thoughtful. “But she can’t take humans to Kithra so she must be keeping them in a pocket on Taloa.”

“Probably,” Darya said as he returned with the Seeker’s Pendant clutched in his hand. “But wherever she’s keeping her, we’ll find her.” He chewed on his lip. “Dialdra is certainly not going to cooperate with my search so I’ll need Hannah and Adrian to help me. Will you?”

“Yes!” Hannah said.

“Of course,” Adrian said simultaneously. “Let’s do it now before Xantaria kills her.”

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    So short and almost nothing happened! Ohhh. I guess I have to wait for Monday.

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      It was about the same length as most recent updates I think. But no, the drama starts in the next installment.

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    I hope they will find the real Kayleigh soon…

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