Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty One Part One

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“Of course I’ll help Sarah-alra,” Draylian said when Matthias spoke to him the next morning. “It’s not likely that you’ll find a cure but even a remote possibility is better than nothing.” He was rubbing his hands together anxiously and twitching slightly. “I don’t want to be a dragon but I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.”

“Not long by the looks of it,” Lyrrekka said. “I really think once Sarah has run her tests, you need to think about this hard. You know you’re going to slip up soon and you know how much damage a frenzy will do.”

He looked at her miserably for a long moment. “I do know,” he said. “I-I-”

“I know, kid,” she said softly. “Come here.” She held her arms out to him and he accepted the hug, weeping into her shoulder. When he looked up again, his face was drawn but his shoulders were set.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone and I’m not brave enough to risk death by trying to trigger a transition so once Sarah-alra has done her scans I’ll do as you advise if you’ll help me. I’m scared I won’t know when to stop.”

“Always a problem the first few times,” Lyrrekka said. “But Matt won’t let you hurt anyone. You know that.”

“And it’ll be a lot less painful than frenzying your first feeding,” Tarian said. “I’ve seen that once too often and trust me, you’d be a wreck for weeks afterwards if not longer.”

“Okay, so I’ll have to miss the discussions today,” Sarah said. “I’ll start work on scanning Draylian after breakfast. It shouldn’t take too long.” She looked over at Tarian. “Would you be willing to be my dragon example for comparison?”

“Of course,” he said. “I’d–” He broke off as Ian rushed in, still in his pyjamas waving his laptop.

“We have an email from Sophie Ashbourne,” he said. “She’s really good – she managed to embed a psychic message into an apparently ordinary email and I have no idea how. She and her boss want to meet you tonight. They’re coming to the Morgan house so you’ll need to leap back there. I’m fairly sure it’s not a trap.”

“That’s awkward since we need to meet with Indaturan again,” Matthias said.

“I doubt he’ll mind,” Sonia said. “We’ll check with Adrian but I think we have to go. This is important as well.”

“It is,” Matthias agreed. “So is there anything else we need to discuss right now?”

“Yes,” Kyle said. “Darya thinks he’s located Alison and Logan with Julie’s help. Do you want us to go today?”

“Hmm… Scope the place out today but don’t go after them unless you have to. We don’t want to cause any unnecessary trouble.” He looked over at Lydia. “I’ll leave organising that in your hands, Lyd.”


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