Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Part Thirteen

January 17th, 2014  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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“That’s not a bad idea, Lydia-ida,” Indaturan said once she told him and Ystelyan about her conversation with her mentor. “And for once I actually agree with Fellaria-ida. I have no idea why we didn’t think to try that before. It’s suspicious and just makes me even more certain that we should try it.” He hummed to himself. “Now, who would be best to send? I don’t think we should send just one. If my gut is right and someone doesn’t want us looking at the tear from the void side, they might have a trap set.”

Ystelyan nodded. “I agree.”

“I have a couple of people I can send,” Indaturan said. “But we need more. Do you have anyone who’s particularly good in the void?”

“Actually, yes,” Ystelyan replied. “Talira-alra has a gift for navigating the void. We should ask the others as well.”

“I’m sure Dar has someone who can help at least. Alaryia-miria too I bet and I would guess Fellaria will already have spoken to her about it.” He smirked suddenly. “Ah, Fellaria, what is it humans say? Hoist upon your own petard.”

“You don’t like her?” Lydia tilted her head at him curiously.

“Not really, no,” he said. “She seems to have had the arrogance knocked out of her but it’s still her fault I had to break my bounds and she knew full well what she was doing.” He must have realised what Lydia was about to ask because he clarified before she could. “It’s her fault I became a dragon.”

“May I ask?” Sarah interrupted. “How did the first of you become dragons? Clearly not the way most converted dragons do.”

“Ah well…” Indaturan said. “It’s a little personal.”

“I think she means more generally,” Ystelyan said. “Though it is always personal. We were each put in a position where our colour came into conflict with our obsession. For most Kithreiri that’s just painful but the mirari are even more strongly attuned to their colour than others. It enabled us to break free of our obsession but this is the result.”

Sarah narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. “The Kithreiri obsessions: are they possibly rooted in the same area as your hunger? Because that probably explains a lot if they are.”

“They are,” Indaturan answered. “You’re thinking tearing them out did some damage and that’s why we’re always hungry? It’s a reasonable assumption and supported by the evidence.”

“I am.” She looked over at Sonia. “I want to do some comparisons. Can I borrow that Kithreiri lad if he’s willing?”

“Of course,” Sonia said. “But he’s still with Alaryia until I have time to make a pocket for him.”

“I’d look at Draylian as well if I were you,” Lydia said. “While he’s still in that halfway state.” She hesitated. “He is still half-made right?”

Lyrrekka sighed and nodded. “I’ve been talking to him but he’s being really stubborn.”

“Half-made almost always are,” Ystelyan said. “They have to be to hold out as long as they do.”

“It may be helpful here though,” Sarah said. “I’ll have a look tomorrow if he’ll allow me.”

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