Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Forty Two Part Seven

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Andrew sat in the lounge of the Morgan house while his parents went down to the gate to collect Sophie Ashbourne and Edwin Lauder. Their visitors had already been waiting when they jumped into the house.

“We should have brought Ebona or Kenna with us,” Karen said, looking out the window over the garden. “How will we know if they are telling the truth?”

“You think they’ll lie?” Andrew asked.

Karen shook her head. “I doubt it but we can’t be sure. This is not a situation for not being sure.”

“I wonder why they didn’t think of it?”

“They probably did.” Naria reached out and squeezed his hand. “But with both Lyrrekka-ida and Daniel-idan in Talonyka, using their abilities in Taloa would be unpleasant for them. Your parents could do with seeing if they can find a non-heart friend unicorn who’s willing to help them. Unicorns like helping with negotiations.”

“Oh, mum’s got a couple of unicorn friends,” Karen said. “But none of them want to come to our world so they aren’t any help here. It’s–” She broke off as they heard the front door open. A moment later, Matthias and Sonia led Sophie and Edwin into the room.

“We’re sorry to keep you waiting,” Matthias said. “We were elsewhere, and you’ll have to excuse us if we don’t explain where.”

“I quite understand,” Edwin replied. “You can’t be quite sure if you can trust us yet in the circumstances. Though I’d imagine you were meeting with some of your peers and trying to come up with a response to the situation.”

“Something like that,” Matthias said. “But I meant geographically where. Would you like some tea before we start the discussions?”

“I wouldn’t mind,” Edwin said.

“I could kill a cup of tea,” Sophie said. She tilted her head at Karen and Andrew. “Where are your other two kids?”

“Somewhere else,” Matthias said. “And again I’m not saying where.”

“Must be important then.” Sophie gave a half smile. “I won’t pry.”

“I’ll make the tea.” Andrew rose to his feet and headed to the kitchen followed by Naria. As he rummaged in the cupboard for the tea bags she gave a sigh. He twisted around and looked at her. She was sitting on the table chewing her lip.

“You okay, Nari?”

“Yes,” She looked towards the door and lowered her voice. “I may not be a unicorn, Drew, but if those two don’t know more than they’re letting on, I’m not a dragon either.”


“I think they know exactly where your parents were, which means they know about the school,” she said.

Andrew considered this as he put the box of tea bags by the pot and turned on the kettle. “That’s not an unreasonable thing for them to have worked out,” he said finally. “We know they knew our families existed so knowing about Brierthorne isn’t a leap.”

Naria nodded. “But I think she knows where Lydia and Daniel are as well; possibly him as well. But I can’t for the life of me work out how either of them would know that.”

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