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January 17th, 2012  |  Published in Dragon Wars, Dragon Wars Background

Yep, still behind. I think I’ll be fully caught up next week.

Lady in a Hat asked:


To Whoever can answer this:
It seems to me that there are different stages that “Astrals” can go through; Is this true? And how many and what types are they? And if you can be born a dragon and you can become a dragon, how do you become a dragon?
I know this is multiple questions but I feel they are all related to the same answer some how.
Thank you very much!!

Alaryia unwinds from a chair and looks at you thoughtfully.

“Stages? Do you mean childhood and adulthood? Or are you thinking of human astrals, us and Kithreia being different stages? If the former then just the normal two it’s just that it shows up a bit more spectacularly with us and sometimes more than once. If the latter, then no that’s not really accurate. Our kinds are not in any kind of progression. The Kithreia transformed themselves so they could live on Kithra after being forced to flee from Taloa and we transformed ourselves again to become dragons because the binding of that transformation were intolerable. But these are not stages we pass through… they are the accomadations we make we with hostile territory. Imagine finding yourself trapped in the ocean and then realising you know how to grow gills and fins, it’s your choice but if you do you can never change back.

I’m sorry, I know that wasn’t very clear. It’s sort of hard to explain.”

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