The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Five Part Nine

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Karen waited until Sophie had left before hurrying over to the window. The blind had been closed to conceal that the window was open and the two unicorns listening from outside.

“Well?” she asked urgently.

“What she said was mostly true,” Ebona said. “And the lie she told I don’t understand why.”

“I don’t either; it was nothing to lie about,” Kenna said.

“What did she lie about?” Matthias asked.

“She knows how her superior found out about you,” Kenna replied. “And it’s not how she said – though she was truthful about him not having told her and about the fact he would have found out that way if he hadn’t found out in some other way.”

“Do you know how he knows?” Sonia asked.

Kenna and Ebona exchanged a glance. “No, nothing she said actually revealed that,” Ebona said. “But she was telling the complete truth about everything else, including wanting to help.”

“I got the feeling she just didn’t want to reveal her superior’s secrets without his permission, especially since she’s not supposed to know them,” Kenna added.

“But overall you think we can trust her?” Sonia asked. “In spite of the lie.”

Kenna and Ebona exchanged another look. “Yes, she’s serious about wanting your help and wanting to help you stay hidden,” Kenna said. “I do not believe she’ll play you false.”

“I agree,” Ebona said.

“That’s good then,” Matthias said. “I thought she was trustworthy but I wanted to be sure. Thank you. We’ll have to take this to our meeting with the other families, you know, but for now I think we’d better talk to Tara and Carl. Hiding us has always been the job of the Lavernes and I don’t think they are in any position to do so after Marian gutted them.” He chuckled bitterly. “Now this has really messed up the timetable – we can’t reveal ourselves like this.”

“It might speed it up, eventually,” Sarah said. “We need to stay hidden for now but if we try this stupid plan of Irena’s and by some miracle it works, we’ll be out by the end. But yes, we need to talk to them. We need to look at those memory blocks Stefan thought might be helpful if nothing else.”

“That’s true,” Matthias said. “Let’s go then.”




Tara, Carl and the other Lavernes who had decided to help them against Marian and managed to survive were staying in what Matthias called a cottage in the grounds. In Lydia’s opinion it looked more like a large detached house, though far smaller than the main mansion. She didn’t have time to comment on this because Tara opened the door before Matthias could even knock.

“Stefan called me after Sarah spoke to him,” she said. “I’ve been expecting you all day. You want to look at those blocks we found.”

“Things kept coming up,” he said. “And yes we do. At least I assume he was talking about those.”

Tara raised her hands hopelessly. “I don’t know,” she said. “But I can’t think what else it would be. Stefan told me his mother told him she believed we were hiding a secret from everyone, but especially from the other hunters. It’s why he decided to withdraw from hunting.”

“What did you tell him?” Matthias asked.

“That I wouldn’t be surprised but it seemed our ancestors had undertaken to hide it from their descendents as well. Which makes me wonder what could be so shocking.” She hesitated. “But there’s a problem. I tried to read the blocks after he called. They’re locked and I can’t work out how to unlock them. You’re welcome to try though.” She stood aside to let them in. “Please come in. They’re sitting on the coffee table in the lounge.”

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    I guess i retract my previous comment lol but i think that it would be better for them to have been able to give immediate confirmation somehow before just randomly sharing information because they felt she was trustworthy or even submit her to be looked over by Lucas at the least. Otherwise its just very foolish to share out information of what they are considering the crisis that they are in. She couldve been set up by the govermemnt to let them take the fall or something.

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