The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Four Part Eight

May 17th, 2013  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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What’s your idea, Lyd? Daniel ducked under another swipe of the dragon’s claws. He listened for her response as he continued fighting – though that meant he was reduced to dodging and letting Ebona attack.

Well, dad can control dragons, right?

Not at this range without the collars, Matthias said. And I’d struggle to cope with this many without them as well.

Okay, but Andrew can as well, Lydia said. So it’s likely me, Dan and Kaz can as well. What if we surround the group and hit them from all sides – we could probably make them all sleep.

That’s… Matthias hesitated. Yes, that’s entirely possible.

It’s not a bad idea, Alaryia said. It’ll avoid unneeded bloodshed. She paused and cursed irritably. I should have realised he’d have a reserve in place. He’s not that bad a tactician and it’s fairly standard.

I don’t know. I’ve never heard of him using one before, Tarian said from where he was leading the dragons to intecept the new attackers. He’s an all in sort of person. But yeah, Lydia-ida’s plan is pretty good as long as all of them do have Matthias-idan’s unusual ability.

Yes, that’s the problem, Matthias said. What if it doesn’t work?

Then we have to fight, Alaryia said. And we’re no worse off than we are if we don’t .

Exactly, Lydia said. So let’s try.

Matthias hesitated again then gave a mental sigh. Kaz, Dan are you both up to try as well?

I think it’s a good plan, Dad! Karen said instantly.

Daniel sighed. He would have liked more time to think about it – the thought of controlling another creature made his stomach churn. But there was no time and it was logical. I guess, he said finally.

You don’t sound too sure, his father said. I’m pretty sure that we can do this with just Andrew, me, Lyd and Kaz if you’d rather not.

No, Daniel said. I’ll be fine. it’s just that it’s… uncomfortable.

Well, if you’re sure.

I’m sure. It will save us from having to fight them and quite possibly save lives. He chewed on his lip. But how do we do it? I’ve never even tried to control a dragon.

You just have to really want them to do what you tell them, Andrew said. And then tell them.

Matthias chuckled, I couldn’t have put it better myself, Drew.

I see. Daniel looked back at the dragon he and Ebona were still trying to fight. It wasn’t hard to make himself want it to stop fighting. He pushed his mind towards it. Stop fighting and sleep!

The dragon reared back and gave a gasp before collapsing to the ground.

Okay, that worked, he said. Shall we do this before I change my mind?




Lydia swallowed nervously as Halia flew her towards the second group of attackers. Would this really work? What if it didn’t?

Then we fight, Halia said. But I’m sure it will work. Here we are. She landed in the path of the dragons.

Lydia looked around and spotted Naria dropping Andrew some way away off the left flank of the dragons’ flight. Kelaria dropped Karen off the right before heading further away with Matthias and Daniel so they would be behind the attackers.

Mother is still shielding Sonia-ida, Halia said. It’s turning into an interesting fight, apparently. Mitakrian isn’t used to bleeding given the strength of his defenses but he is this time.

And mum? she asked.

Sonia-ida is uninjured. Apparently he’s getting quite irate – but it’s ensuring that he’s not paying attention to what we’re doing.

Okay, we’re in place, Matthias said. Is everyone ready?

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