The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Four Part Seven

May 13th, 2013  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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Andrew turned at Bennu’s mental scream and immediately spotted the new flight of black dragons arrowing towards them. His stomach twisted at the sight.

Damn! This was all a trap?

Don’t get distracted, Naria said. Concentrate on our fight.

He looked back and saw her standing between him and the dragon they’d been fighting. She was breathing heavily and bright blue blood was dripping from a deep cut in her upper arm. He shuddered convulsively as he realised that she must have leapt between him and an attack while he was distracted.

Nari! He gasped in a breath then flung himself, screaming, at their attacker. Shard after shard of red ice ripped from his skin and peppered the dragon, tearing through its shield before ripping into its body. He didn’t relent until it collapsed to the ground, more pulp than corpse. Even so he pushed his mind towards it to make sure it was dead before turning to Naria, who was swaying on her feet.

“A bit of overkill, maybe,” she said.

“I wanted to be sure. Are you okay?”

She put one hand to her wound and it stopped bleeding. “I think so. It’s not too bad and his venom’s pretty weak. The generic antidote should be enough.” She pulled the flask Alaryia had given her before the fight from her hip, took a couple of gulps and closed her eyes for a moment. “Yeah, that’s working. I’ll be fine. We’d better move on to the next one before the reinforcements get here.”




Valeria had the throne open the door for Alban as he came running into the courtyard, then slam it shut again as soon as he was through.

“I’ve got antidote.” He handed several flasks to one of the guards “Alaryia thought you might need it and that this would be the best place to bring anyone who got injured.”

“More like the only place.” Valeria waved some of the dryads to pick them up. “Do you want to go back out to the fight?”

Alban shook his head. “No, my job’s to guard you if any of the attackers get past the others. Though I don’t have my bow. We really weren’t expecting a fight tonight.”

“And it’s a bit rude to take weapons to dinner,” Valeria agreed. “But you should be fine without it. It was just to even things up while you were stuck in resting form.”

“I know,” he said. “But it’s still helpful. Anyway, I’d better get back to the gate and watch for incoming.”

“Of course,” she said. “But could your mother have a hug first?”

“Of course!” He ran up the steps and hugged her.

“Take care, Alban,” she said, hugging him back.

“I will, mother.” He raced back outside, leaping up to take a position on top of the gate.




Karen, Daniel and Ebona had already taken out the second dragon and were heading for a third when Bennu yelled his warning. She forced herself to not look away from her opponent.

Where is everyone? she asked Bennu as she concentrated a bolt of light into the dragon’s eyes.

Jumping back, she let Daniel and Ebona tear into it as Bennu put an image of the state of the battle into her head in response. Her parents and Alaryia were still toe to toe with Mitakrian and seemed to be giving him major problems. Kyle and Lyrrekka were fighting one of the other dragons and it looked like Naria and Andrew were fighting the last dragon from the original group. Most of the dragons on their side had formed a flight of their own and were heading towards the incoming dragons, but they’d be outnumbered.

Lydia and Halia were standing together staring in the direction of the incoming dragons rather than fighting. Before Karen could snap at them, Lydia’s voice sounded in all their minds.

Everyone! I have an idea.

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