The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Four Part Six

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Before Kelaria had even landed, Karen leapt from her back and dove towards one of the circling dragons. Alban leapt down after her and raced towards the Storm Palace.

I wish I had my spear, Daniel said, following  just behind Karen. I wish Ebona was here.

Well, we weren’t expecting a fight, she replied. And we don’t really need our weapons. We did fine without them before and we’ve got more than enough force. They would be nice, though. She ducked under a swipe from one of her target’s huge black claws, rolling across the dead grass and back to her feet. And she’ll be here soon. It shouldn’t take her long to run from where we gated in. She spun towards her target, light bursting from her skin as she shot it towards the dragon in a concentrated beam.

The dragon screamed and reared away from her as the light burned the membrane from one of its wings and sliced into its shoulder. Viscous black blood oozed slowly from the wound as Daniel sent several blasts of dark into its back. It screamed again, flailing wildly as it started to fall.

Karen flinched at the sound even as she summoned another blast of light, crippling its other wing. This was easier when I didn’t think of dragons as people.

I know what you mean, Daniel said. What’s it doing?

The dragon sank down into the form of a frail looking young man and dropped to his knees, bleeding from multiple wounds. “P-please stop! I surrender!”

Karen looked at Daniel. What do you think?

Don’t trust him, Kelaria interrupted before he could reply. Faking surrender when cornered then attacking when their captors let their guard down is a typical trick of Mitakrian’s personal guard. Keep your shields up and knock him out. Decide what to do with him later.

Thanks. Daniel darted forward before their prisoner could react and punched him hard, sending him crashing to the ground unconscious. Guard him please, Kelaria. So which one-

Duck! Ebona’s voice echoed in both their minds. Karen hit the ground instantly and sensed Daniel do the same – just in time, as a storm of black fire shot through where they had been standing. Karen rolled onto her back as another of the black dragons came screaming towards them. Before she could get to her feet Ebona smashed into it from the side, her horn ripping through its neck. She tore free as the dragon, who seemed barely inconvenienced by having a chunk of its throat ripped out, whirled towards her.




Lydia remained on Halia’s back as they circled the battlefield. Bennu, can you stay in the air? Something isn’t right here. I want someone to keep an eye on things from above.

Of course! Her heart friend took wing from her shoulder and soared into the sky.

She spotted one of the enemy dragons break away from the fight and fly towards Alban. A quick glance at Karen suggested that she was otherwise occupied. Halia, we need to stop that one.

Of course. Hold on. Halia shot towards the target. Leap clear when I dive or I’ll probably throw you.

Di- Lydia began as they came in fast over the other dragon but the Halia dove towards it. Oh! She leapt clear as Halia’s teeth savagely tore into the other dragon’s throat. Halia’s grip forced it down with her and she smashed it into the ground. Lydia landed between the two dragon and Alban, who had stopped and was staring back. Go on! We’ve got your back.

Lydia turned back to the light as Alban continued towards the Storm Palace, just in time to see it the dragon burst into explosion of black water.

This is far too easy.

Almost before she completed the thought, Bennu screamed into their minds. Incoming! The warning was joined by an image of another group of black dragons – double the size of the one they were fighting – coming towards the battle.

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