The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Two Part Eight

March 1st, 2013  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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While Laxmi was composing herself, Lyrrekka got to her feet. “Is Anthony awake?” she asked.

“Yes, he’s with Selene,” Sarah said. “I think he wants to be sure she’s better before he has to face you. I think he’s worried.”

“Yes,” she said. “I would imagine he is. Let’s let Matt deal with learning how to ward against the Lost Ones-”

“I wish you wouldn’t call us that,” Laxmi interrupted. “It’s not- I don’t know- It’s upsetting.”

Lyrrekka looked at her for a long moment before nodding. “I’m sorry. But then what should we call them? You really aren’t human any more.” She paused and looked thoughtful. “Well you might be human again, I’m not sure. But most of your fellows aren’t.”

“I’m not human,” Laxmi replied. “But I’m close. I don’t know what you should call us. Can’t you just call us people?”

Lyrrekka tilted her head and smiled. “It’ll do for now. Anyway, I’m going to confront Anthony and let him see I’m really me.”

“I’ll come with you,” Sarah said.

“I’d like to come as well,” Naria said. “He owes me a debt for attacking me.”

“I’m not sure that’s wise,” Lyrrekka said. “Not until we’re sure he’s got his head on straight. Once he has, I’m sure he’ll agree.”

“I’ll wait outside then,” Naria said firmly. “I want this sorted today so I’m not fretting about it any more.” She dragged Andrew to his feet. “You come along as well. We’ll talk to him about training you.”

“I’m not sure I want to be trained by a homicidal maniac,” Andrew said blandly. “And virus or no virus I’m not convinced he isn’t. But if he can prove that he isn’t, I’ll consider it.”

Lyrrekka sighed and nodded. “Come on, then.” She gave Andrew a pointed look. “You keep your temper.” They headed up the stairs to Selene’s room and knocked on the door.

In spite of her determination to be there, Naria made a squeaking sound and pressed herself against the opposite wall as Anthony opened the door.

He looked at Lyrrekka and Sarah standing there. “Ah, I guess it’s time for that conversation then.”

“It is. How’s Selene?” Lyrrekka asked.

“Much better. She’s gone back to sleep, but she was much better when we were talking. She’ll be fine. Shall we go back to my room?”

“Yes,” she said. “Though I think we might want to borrow the gym later.”

Anthony winced at that as they headed to his room. “If you really are who you say, I don’t want to fight you.”

“I am,” she said. “But if you won’t see sense I will kick some sense into you.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” he muttered as he opened the door to his room. “Come in.” He looked over at Naria who was hiding nervously behind Andrew. “You too, dragon. I’m not going to attack you again unless you attack me first, I promise.”

Naria didn’t reply but Andrew felt her relax slightly and she followed them into the room.

Anthony sat down on the chair by his bed and offered Lyrrekka his hand. “Let’s do this then.”



A/N: As of posting we have 19 backers, $300 and 15 days to go! Please Contribute if you can! Thanks!

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