The Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Thirty Two Part One

February 4th, 2013  |  Published in Dragon Wars

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Lucas had soothed the two teens into sleep. As they waited for the healers to return, he looked around scowling.

“Perhaps we should move the bodies as well,” he said after a long moment. “It’ll be obvious what happened here if we leave them like this.”

“That’s not a bad idea,” Sonia said. “The kids will want to bury their mother, anyway. Not that it’s easy get a burial at the moment with the large number of deaths – they’re digging mass graves before disease sets in – but we’ll figure something out.” She looked down at the corpse of the man who had murdered the kids’ mother. “Which will at least make getting rid of this guy easy. And much as I hate to mess up a crime scene, I’ll do that as well to hide the evidence anyone was here.” She gave a heavy sigh. “What have we gotten ourselves into?”

“Self-protection,” Lucas said blandly as Ebona and the healers hurried inside. “Though I agree we need to come up with something better if this is going to be a habit.”

“The police are coming,” George said. “We did what we could but a few people were already beyond help.” He bit down on his lip. “And if we’re trying to avoid notice, some of what we have done…”

“It’s that it was someone with powers causing this that we must avoid getting out,” Sonia said. “Hopefully people with powers helping won’t cause as much as trouble.” She paused and hesitated. “Hopefully.”

“I wouldn’t bet on that,” Daniel said. “And we’re not going to be able to respond to every case like we did this one if it does happen a lot.”

“That’s why we’re calling a meeting of all the families. We need to organise our response.” Sonia cocked her head at the sound of sirens getting closer. “Let’s move!” She opened a gate to the Morgan house and waited while the others moved the two kids and the two bodies through, then sent a blast of wind around the area to destroy the evidence of their presence before turning and racing through herself.


“Do we have anywhere to put these two?” Lydia asked as soon as they reappeared in the Morgan house entrance hall.

“We’ll use the summer house,” James said. “Both the cottages are full and they could do with being away from the main house, until they’ve got control anyway. But we are running out of space if everyone is going to be descending on us for a meeting and the logistics are giving me kittens.” He gave Matthias a meaningful look. “The government is bound to call martial law and restrict travel soon. I’m amazed that they haven’t yet – though no one’s actually travelling. And the supermarkets are already running short of supplies so getting food for everyone is going to be a challenge.”

“We’ll sort something out,” Matthias said. “They can’t completely restrict travel as they’ll need food supplies to move, at least, and the economy will collapse if they don’t let people go to work. But yes, they are likely to put some restrictions in place.”

“Let’s worry about these two kids first,” Sarah said. “We need to see if they are infected or if it was just severe stress which caused the explosion.” Her eyes narrowed at the sight of the two bodies. “It looks like they had reason to be distressed. Was it both of them?”

“Just the lad,” Sonia said. “But the girl is certainly latent and affected by the crack as well. She just hasn’t reached tipping point yet. Anyway, let’s get them to the summerhouse and figure out what to do about the bodies.”

“I’ll help,” Sarah said. “Colette’s killed off all the microbes in my head so I’m not contagious and I’m keeping on top of the damage from the venom so it should be safe. I hope the others find an antidote soon, though – it’s likely to get wearing.” She laid a hand on the boy’s forehead and nodded. “He’s infected all right, so you’d better come as well, Colette. You too, Agrona.”

“Of course, Doctor Tyler.” Colette and Agrona followed them out through the conservatory and across the lawn.

A/N: The Storm Child will commence Tuesday 12th 2013 in the evening UK time. Check out the announcement here.

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