The Storm Child Arc IndieGoGo Campaign Announcement

February 2nd, 2013  |  Published in News

As promised here is the date announcement for the IndieGoGo campaign for the preproduction costs for The Storm Child Arc.

The campaign will commence Tuesday 12th 2013 in the evening UK time and will run for 32 days.

The target will be $500 again. If you’re planning to contribute could you try and do it early on if possible (I know it might not be). The reason I ask this is that one of the metrics that sets ifully funded campaigns apart from less successful ones is funding a third of target in the first quarter of the campaign. In this case this means I have a target of $167 in the first eight days.

Perks available this time include – alongside the books – the chance to name a character in the third or fourth arcs, getting on my Christmas card list, a 1500 word story about your favourite character,and a skype call or G+ hangout with me where I will read you your favourite scene.

So please if you you have some spare moolah consider contributing to creating book 2 and if you don’t please consider signal boosting the campaign when it launches.

Thank you!


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