The Dragon Wars Saga – Side Story 3 – Two Years Ago – The Trap Eighteen

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Side Story Three

Two Years Ago

The Trap Eighteen

It had all gone according to plan. The seven dragon knights – all of then except Julie – were lying on the floor of their rooms in Elapyron City. Sarah had arrived and was carefully hanging a pendant around each of their necks. The artifacts would hide them from Gerian and hopefully prevent them causing any more trouble.

“Are we taking them back to Brierthorne?” Jason asked.

She shook her head. “I don’t think that’s wise. I don’t want them anywhere near the school until we’re sure we’ve turned them away from that bloody dragon. We’re not equipped to keep prisoners, anyway. We’ll use their bonds to Earth and send them to their homes, then find them later.”

“But what if we can’t find them? And what about Julie?”

“I don’t think Julie is a danger. I just hope she can get home. As to the others, it’s a risk we’ll have to take. I’d say their reappearance should provoke news we can use to find them, but for some reason their disappearance didn’t so I’m dubious.” Sarah sighed. “But if we can’t find them, at least we’ll know that the dragon can’t either. We should send them back before they wake up.”

That bit went according to plan as well right up until the last two – Alison and Logan . As Kyle went to pick Alison, her eyes snapped open and she rolled away from him.

“I won’t go back!” She lashed out at him with her foot. “There’s nothing for me there. There’s no one to protect me there.” She pulled herself to her knees and glared at them for a long moment before breaking down in racking sobs, hugging her knees and rocking back and forth. “Want to stay here.”

“I-I think something bad happened to her on Earth,” Kyle said softly. “Julie said as much, didn’t she? And I think she told Darya more.”

“Let me talk to her,” Logan said softly. “I can usually calm her down.” Kyle looked around and saw the boy was awake and watching them. He waited for Kyle to nod and step back before crawling over to her. “Come on, Ali, calm down and think this through. Earth’s not that bad. I like it. You used to like it.”

For a minute it seemed Alison wasn’t listening as she just continued rocking and sobbing, but then she mumbled something about that being before.

“I know, but we can’t stay here. We lost and they aren’t going to let us stay here.” He paused then added, “And I think Julie may have been right. I know he saved your life but he was just using us.” He gave her a little hug. “You can come home with me. Mum and Dad always liked you and they’ll find some way to let you stay.”

“But I like it here,” Alison said quietly but she let him help her to her feet. “But if there’s no choice, I guess…” Tears were still running down her cheeks.

“There isn’t.” He turned to look at Sarah. “Can you send her back with me? Her family is dead, she’s got nowhere else to go.”

“I can.” She placed a hand on his shoulder. “Hmm, you’re homesick. Makes this easier.” A gate opened in front of them and the two headed through it.

After they’d gone, Sarah pinched the bridge of her nose. “I’m going to tell Matt what’s happened and get Ian monitoring the news. You should stay here. You need to find out what happened to Darya and the dragon may launch another rescue or a revenge attack.” She opened another gate and vanished.

Almost as soon as it had closed behind her, a voice struck into all of their heads.

Warriors, Heart friends, come to the gate tower immediately. I need your assistance urgently. The order would have brooked no dissent even if they hadn’t known it was the Core itself.

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