The Dragon Wars Saga Arc One Book Release News

February 29th, 2012  |  Published in News

Arc One Cover Firstly, here’s the cover for The Dragon Wars Saga Arc One – Land of Myth. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out and I hope that you all like it as well!

If you haven’t been following my posts on Dreamwidth you may not be aware how imminent the book release is – but I’m currently looking at a late April/early May release. There will be both ebook and paper versions. The ebook version will be available via Smashwords, Amazon and various other places including the site and the paper version on Lulu and the site – it may possibly be available elsewhere (see below).

As well as the cover I’ve already had the text of Arc One edited for any errors and for continuity and it should be a lot smoother than the version currently on the site. There’s no plot changes but I’d made a few timeline wallbangers. I will be getting the new version up once the ebook goes live.

However I want to give you peeps the best book I can on my shoestring budget, so I’m having a presale in March – probably starting Thursday evening next week UK time.  The money from the presale will go to pay for the ebook and paper book to be properly formatted (instead of me trying to do it). Any extra after that will go to pay the $75 for Lulu’s globalReach (the only cost with them other than printing and postage) to get the paper book on Amazon etc and to pay for test prints and, of course, the British Library’s copy. I’d really like to get the globalReach package because it will allow people who don’t have cards to order the book in bricks and mortar stores.

To save me running the back end I’m going to be running the presale as an IndieGoGo campaign with a target of $500 which means the presale packages will be in the form of perks. (And don’t worry I still get the money even if we don’t hit target).

  • BASIC: $3 – A personal thank you email, your name in the credits at the back and on the credits section of the website, and of course a copy of the ebook in the format of your choice. (Considered making this $5 but since I intend a price tag of $2.99 that seemed harsh).
  • TIN: $10 – As above plus you will be emailed a code to get every future Dragon Wars Saga ebooks for 99c as soon as each one is released.
  • BRONZE: $25 – As above except that the codes will get you the future Dragon Wars Saga ebooks for free rather than for 99c.
  • SILVER: $40 – As above plus a signed copy of the paper book. (This may seem harsh but I have international postage to consider and you do get all the other stuff as well).
  • GOLD: $100 – As above plus a signed copy of paper book 2 (planning a September release for that) and I will write a side-story (of not less than 1000 words) about any character in the story for you and send it to you in the electronic format of your choice. Content of said story to be decided by me. (There will only be three of these packages available because I am not made of time).

I could really do with some feedback on these, peeps. Are the good? Is there anything (within reason) that I can do to make them more attractive to you? Comments please.






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