Haventon Chronicles One: Haventon Born – Chapter Eighteen Part Two

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David found it easier to track Anna when he closed his eyes. Meredith had managed to borrow a small minibus from somewhere and they were all squashed into it. Even Jason had insisted on coming along even though he couldn’t do anything. Not surprising since it was his sister in danger of course.

David’s reverie was broken as Anna’s presence in his mind floated to the left as the road curved gently right.

“We’re slipping off course,” he said.

“I thought we might be,” Meredith said. “We’ll take the next left.”

A moment later David heard the indicator click on. As the car turned left Anna’s presence swung sharply to end up on their right.

“Not surprising,” Meredith said when he told them. “Roads don’t travel as the crow flies.” He heard the clicking of the indicators again and they turned again. He breathed a sigh of relief as Anna’s presence returned to directly in front of them.

“How’s that?” Meredith asked.

“We’re back on course,” he said. “And she feels close. I think we’re nearly there.”

“Pull over, Merry,” Liam said. “If we’re close it’s a good time for Penny to do her thing. She should be able to locate them if they’re asleep and guide us the rest of the way.”

“That’s a good idea,” Meredith said.

David let out a breath and opened his eyes. “She is asleep I think.” He frowned to himself.

“And Ragnar certainly will be,” Leisa said. “He doesn’t like daytime.”

“He is indeed,” Penny said. “I can sense him now. Vampires have distinctive minds. They’re in the cellar of a large house at the end of this street.” She looked at Liam. “Ask him to extend his glamour over us so no one notices us.” She jerked her head at Tyler.

Tyler scowled at her before looking back at Liam. “I’m on it.” He frowned to himself. “Don’t forget no using your teeth in this fight, Bren, I don’t know what vampire blood would do to our kind.”

“Point out the right house when we reach it,” Meredith said as she restarted the car and drove slowly down the street.

“I’ll keep him asleep as long as possible,” Penny said. “But he’s an elder so I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold him.”

“Even a few minutes will help,” Leisa said.

“And then I’ll keep an eye on this young man.” She smiled at David. “I think he’s going to be interesting from the way his aura is swirling up.”

Tyler gave a snort. “Now that’s something we agree on.”

“Any idea what he will be?” Liam asked.

They both shook their head.

“Looks almost elfin,” Penny said. “Which would fit with his grandmother but the werewolf blood is intefer-” She broke off and pointed at a large brick house partly obscured by bushes. “There.”

Even as she said it David realised she was right. He could sense Anna’s presence.

“Okay. Is he still asleep?” Meredith asked. “Do we dare park on the drive?”

“Yes,” Penny said. “And yes I think that would be a good idea.” She closed her eyes. “I’m going after him. Move as soon as you’re parked.”

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  1. brownie says:

    This is starting to look interesting, wonder just what David will be.

    couple of typos i think though,
    “Roads don’t travel/s/ as the crow flies.”
    “Do we dare use park on the drive?” I think thats either meant to be “do we dare use the drive” or “do we dare park on the drive”

    • admin says:

      We’ll find out more about what David is before the end of the book though that’s mostly part of the next one. 🙂

      G;ad you’re enjoying it! Thanks for the spot.

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