Haventon Chronicles One: Haventon Born – Chapter Fifteen Part One

July 3rd, 2012  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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In the end it was just before sunset that Anna was well enough to go home. As promised Tanya had given them each two easily opened flasks full of holy water and a couple of crucifixes and when he looked he could see where she had placed a rosary on the mirror and had beaded the door handles with holy water.

“I was tempted to attach a crucifix to the back and front bumpers as well,” she said. “In case we had to ram him. But that would be weird enough to attract attention and we want to avoid that at all costs.”

“Yeah,” David agreed though he had to admit that he would have been happier if she had done. His stomach was churning in a most disturbing way. He mentioned this and Tanya gave him a worried look.

“I really hope you aren’t precognative as well, though it would be expected. Most psychics are from what I know.”

“You think I might be foreseeing something?” he asked.

“It’s possible,” she said. “Or ir could just be natural anxiety about the situation. Anyway let’s get going. Anna’s house is on the other side of Haventon but we might make it before dark if we leave now.” She started the engine and off they went.

They reached Anna’s house easily enough but David had a growing sense of danger even as they drew into the drive.

“Tanya,” he said as she opened the SUV’s door. “Something isn’t right here. I can feel something is very wrong.”

She looked at him and then at Anna. “This is your home. Does anything seem out of place?”

Anna studied her home thoughtfully and her eyes widened. “Yes, my light is on. Jason is really obsessive about saving electric. He would never leave my light on.” She looked at them anxiously. “You think he’s tricked Jason into asking him in?” He face went white. “What if he’s hurt Jason?”

“It’s highly probably he has tricked his way in. We can hope your brother is okay but we can’t do anything to check tonight. We’ll sort that out tomorrow,” Tanya said. “For now let’s get out of here.” She began and threw the car into reverse, shutting the door as she did.

The car started backwards and then bounced to a stop as they hit something. David looked through the back window and saw the vampire Leisa had called Ragnar standing there pushing on the boot.

“Tan,” he said as he unshipped one of the flasks.

She glanced in the mirror and nodded. “I see him.”

David unfastened his seatbelt and turned in his seat, holding the flask out of sight. He could see that Anna had one of her flasks out as well. When the vampire reached back and slammed his hand through the back window and began ripping the crazed glass away to make the hole large enough she waited with a calculating look on her face and just as the hole became big enough and he reached in for her she threw its contents directly into his face. He screamed and leapt backwards, the skin on his face was melting as if doused in acid and he was clawing at his eyes.

Tanya took advantage of his agonised distraction to reverse the SUV again. This time he was not braced for it and she ran him over.

“Put your belt back on, Dave,” she said as they turned on to the street and then hit the accelerator. David barely had time to brace himself let alone comply and nearly went through the windscreen. “Sorry,” she said as he finally got the belt into the place. “But I don’t think we have much time.”

“No,” David agreed. “I don’t think getting run over will have phased him. Though the holy water bath certainly did. But I don’t think that will hold him long. The other night he outran my motorbike.”

“Yes,” she said. “And he’s gaining on us as well. “He appears to have company. Do you recognise him Anna?”

David turned to look and saw Anna doing the same. Ragnar was running after them at impossible speed and just behind him was a guy on a motorcycle, he had obviously been in such a hurry to follow the vampire that he had forgotten to put his helmet on. Anna made a hissing sound.

“That’s the human guy I attacked, you were right he does work for the vampire.”

“Yes, and now we have witnesses to that in me and Dave, that should rehabilitate you even in Rhiane’s eyes. Hell might even get an apology out of the crazy girl. But first we need to get out of this alive, which may not be easy.” She slammed one fist into the dashboard. “Damn it! I should have considered that he might try something like this!”

Even as she spoke the vampire suddenly leapt up in the air, over the roof, landed on the bonnet of the car with catlike grace and began to attack the windscreen. The sight of his half melted, burned face made David retch.

“Shit!” Tanya swerved the car from side to side trying to dislodge him but it did not work that well. Indeed he just continued methodically breaking in as if they were stationary. “Dave,” she said softly. “Be ready with your flask. It’s obviously effective.”

“Not effective enough I am afraid,” David said but readied it again anyway.

“Hopefully we just need to slow him down,” she said. “Hopefully.”

David emulated Anna and waited until the hole was big enough and the tossed the flask’s contents at the vampire. This time Ragnar was ready and leapt clear. David pulled out his crucifix and wedged it into the hole in the windscreen.

“Good thinking!” Tanya said. “Anna can you do the back?”

“I am on it!” Anna said. “Why doesn’t anyone notice what’s happening?”

“Normal people? Notice supernatural events in Haventon? That really doesn’t happen a lot unless it gets in their face – which it does more often than I like.” Tanya said. “The same thing that draws supernatural creatures here seems to obscure them as well. Liam’s… uh-oh.” She broke off as the vampire leapt off the car and began slamming into it from the side. “Hold on, he’s trying to roll us and he’s probably strong enough to do it.”

Sure enough even as she spoke the vampire lifted the car and rolled it on to its roof.


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