Haventon Chronicles One: Haventon Born – Chapter Fifteen Part Three

July 17th, 2012  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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“Damn!” David swore. “We are so screwed!”

The vampire leered at them through the window and then nonchalantly reached for the door handle, then screamed and leapt back as the holy water Tanya had beaded it with burned his hand.

“George!” he yelled and the guy from the motorcycle came running up. “Get the door and grab the girl.”

“Yes, master!” He reached in and grabbed for Anna, who promptly kicked him in the face. He staggered back and then recovered enough to leap in, sit on her legs and undo the seatbelt before dragging her out still kicking and screaming. Her foot caught him in the groin and he growled and cracked her over the head knocking her unconscious. “What about the other two.”

“Hmm… let’s see,” Ragnar said meditatively. “I’d like to rip their throats out for the pain they’ve caused me but they are a bit well defended for that.” His burned face twisted thoughtfully then he gave a nasty smile. “How about a bit of a bonfire. We’ll set the car alight with them in it before we take Anna here to her new home.”

* * *

Tanya’s car was upside down and on fire when they found it. Tanya was in her wolf form and pulling an unconscious David from the flames. She wagged her tail when she saw Leisa and Sarah running to help her while Michael grabbed the first aid kit and a couple of blankets from the boot. He rushed over and knelt down by the young man.

“Is he okay?” he asked.

“he’s still breathing, and he isn’t burned but he’s inhaled a lot of smoke and passed out,” Tanya said as she resumed human form. “I’d better call Daniel to take a look at him.” She nodded gratefully as Michael threw the blanket around her shoulders to hide the fact her shifting had torn up her clothes.

“Daniel?” Leisa asked.

“he’s the pack healer,” Sarah explained. “he’s really good.”

“That’s a good idea then,” Leisa agreed. “We’d have to explain too much if we took him to a hospital.”

“Yeah,” Tanya agreed and then tutted at the blaze. “Damn it! I liked my car.” She paused at the sound of fire engines. “Let’s get out of here.” She paused. “And let’s check Anna’s house. I want to see if her brother is okay.”

* * *

The silly thing about that invitation taboo was that it didn’t have to be a resident of the house who invited you in, Leisa decided as Tanya invited Michael inside Anna’s home. She gave Leisa a quizzical look as she walked in after David without an invitation and then looked at her cousin thoughtfully.

“Oh I see,” she said after a moment. “He did mention that he cut himself that first time he attacked you, but I never thought of the implications.”

“You’re surprising well informed,” Leisa said. “Then again a lot of werewolves do associate with vampires so I suppose you would be.” She swept passed her into the lounge and swore softly.

A young man who had to be Anna’s brother was lying face down on the floor in the lounge. Leisa knelt down by him and checked his pulse and breathing before carefully moving him to the recovery position.

“I think he’ll be okay, but we should get your healer to look him over as well.” Her fingers explored his head looking for any signs of trauma. “I think that Ragnar knocked him out mentally rather than physically – it’s more his style, but it would be wisest to check.” She paused as a soft groan alerted them that he was waking up.

“Anna!” He tried to turn over and sit up but Leisa stopped him.

“Take it slowly,” she advised. “You won’t be able to help your sister if you pass out again.”

“Hnn,” he agreed. Well she thought it was agreement at least. Then he turned over slowly and sat up. “Who are you, people?”

“I am a friend of your sister’s,” David said. “So’s Tanya.” he gestured to his cousin. The other’s are friends of ours. What happened?”

“There was this man,” he said. “But he wasn’t a man really, he was some kind of creature…”

“He was a vampire,” Leisa supplied.

“Really? Flaming hell is there anything that isn’t real?” he asked. “He somehow persuaded me to let him in and it was only once he was inside that I realised he wasn’t human. And then…” he shuddered. “He was after Anna. Did he get her?”

“I am afraid so,” Tanya said. “We’re going to get her back. But first let’s get you somewhere safer, Jason.” She paused and looked worried. “He didn’t bite you, did he?”

Jason shook his head. “I don’t think so… not while I was conscious anyway.”

“He didn’t,” Leisa said. “I’d be able to tell.”

“That’s one blessing,” Tanya said. “Let’s all head back to my place.” She paused and pinched the bridge of her nose tiredly. “Wait, Merry’s coming over isn’t she? She might make Daniel uncomfortable.”

“It’ll be fine as long as you warn both of them,” Sarah said. “Merry’s cool, and Daniel knows that.” She considered that and grinned. “I am pretty sure the entire pack knows that.”

“You two are werewolves?” Jason asked as Leisa helped him to his feet. They both looked at him in surprise then Tanya made an enlightened ah.

“Karen told you about werewolves?” she asked.

“Yeah, not long before she was killed. She told me to look after Anna as well. I think she knew she was in danger.” He frowned at that. “Is Anna a werewolf? Mum certainly insinuated she was, but she doesn’t disappear on full moon the way mum used to.”

“She hasn’t changed for the first time yet,” Sarah said. If nothing happens to interfere it should be next full moon.”

“But first we have to rescue her,” Michael said softly. “And soon. If Ragnar realises that she’s a werewolf he’ll kill her out of hand. His hatred of werewolves is notorious.”

“He shouldn’t realise unless he still has her when she shifts,” Tanya said. “I intend to find her as soon as possible and rescue her.”

Jason looked at Michael and Leisa. “You two are vampires as well, aren’t you?” He eyed them curiously. “Obviously not nasty ones like this Ragnar.” He let them bundle him into the back of Michael’s Range Rover.

“Yeah, David and you are the only humans in the vehicle,” Leisa said then frowned at the thoughtful sound Tanya made at that. “What is it?”

“I’ll tell you later,” Tanya said. “Let’s get back to mine and figure out exactly what we’re going to do.


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