Haventon Chronicles One: Haventon Born – Chapter Fourteen Part Two

June 19th, 2012  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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Michael was sleeping when Sarah rapped gently on his door. He opened his eyes and frowned at the clock and the little bit of sunlight leaking in around the curtains. It wasn’t like her to wake him up in the middle of the day and she’d insinuated that she had a meeting with Meredith today. So it must be important if she’d come back early to talk to him. He grabbed his robe and put it on just as she rapped again.

“Come in, Sarah,” he called.

“How did you know it was me?” she asked as she came in. She was dressed in the black jeans and sweater that she usually used on reconnaissance missions and her hair was tied back in a very neat pony tail. All in all she looked stripped down and ready for action. She’d definitely been out on hunting business then. She looked anxious as well. She was worrying at her lip and looked pale.

“Who else would be knocking on my door? Anyway I know your rap. Now what’s wrong,” he asked shortly. “Did you kill someone who you think that I might have liked?”

“If I had I wouldn’t tell you about it, but you’ve got better taste than that anyway.” She snapped then her shoulders slumped. “We were only following someone today anyway. But Merry told me something disturbing while we were out. David found Ian’s hunting kit after he killed him and took it to Tanya, who fortunately isn’t intending to tell the Council about it. But she also said that Ian had been ringing her and claiming he had proof that a werewolf had infiltrated the werewolf hunters. Then Tanya called and told me that Merry had told her the same thing.”

“That’s impossible,” he said. “The amount of silver testing they do would kill any werewolf who tried unless they knew when it was-” He paused and stared at her. “But Meredith would know when and she recognises werewolves on sight so no one could sneak in past her anyway…” He trailed off and stared at Sarah who’s right hand had just sprouted claws and fur in front of his eyes.

“Unless she let them,” Sarah said softly.

“Unless she let them,” he agreed and stared at her incredulously. “Sal are you crazy?”

She shook her head. “I know what I’m doing.” Her hand returned to normal. “Merry is certain that Ian’s suspicions weren’t natural. I wish she’d warned me earlier. I might have been able to put him off. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. I was going to but you kept calling me a hypocrite. I didn’t want to make it worse. I guess you’re mad at me now?”

“A little irritated that you didn’t trust me to know the difference between a spy and a hypocrite,” he said. “But I wouldn’t say mad. I do think you’re mad though. However did you end up becoming a werewolf hunter?”

“It really was because of Martin,” she said. “It was two years before I first changed. I was repressed and ironically hunting werewolves kept me sane.”

“Ouch!” he shuddered briefly. “You should transfer to vampire hunting, I’m sure Merry and your cousin would help.”

“Oh yes, Merry keeps suggesting it and Tanya bugs me about it a lot.” She shook her head. “But while I know that there are lots of vampires out there who need killing I don’t feel it anywhere nearly as intensely as I do Renegades. They’re getting quite insistent now though.”

“If people are on to you I’m not surprised,” he said. “But really, not even now you know about Emma?”

“I won’t be in any less danger for moving,” she pointed out. “Not now they are on to me. And I’d like to kill the bastard who did that to Emma, and the one who tried to kill David the other night – but that’s personal.”

“True, but it’s odd. Ian never mentioned having a problem with you. I did notice him watching you a bit on Saturdays but there was never any aggression in it. He seemed puzzled by you.”

“Merry said he was having odd mood swings and you said he admitted you were right before he died. That would fit with mind control, wouldn’t it?”

“If he’d realised something was amiss, yes,” Michael agreed. “It certainly sounds like he had. I just wish he’d come to me about it. May be I could have helped.” He paused thoughtfully. “Can I tell Leisa?”

Sarah considered for only a moment. “Sure, though I suspect Emma might tell her if you don’t.”

“Emma knows?” he asked. “Well obviously she does or you wouldn’t have said that. That’s why she was so shocked to find out you were a werewolf hunter?”

“Yeah, I explained to her what had happened that night. She thinks that I should get transferred to Vampire hunting as well. So that’s two and a half vampires I have nagging me to become a vampire hunter. That just seems so wrong.” She grinned slightly at that. “I suspect once Leisa finds out it’ll be three and a half.” She paused. “I never knew Leisa knew the old ritual greeting between vampires and werewolves.”

“Well she’s eight hundred years old. They were still quite common back then. So that was you and Tanya who saw off Ragnar the other night? She’ll want to thank you both, you know.”

“Yeah, that was us. And for helping out my brother and a friend? No thanks is needed. Anyway I should let you get back to sleep. I just wanted to tell you before I lost my nerve, because Merry was right. You do need to know.”

“Heh, that’s all right, I understand.” He headed back to the bed as she closed the door.

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