Haventon Chronicles One: Haventon Born – Chapter Nineteen Part Four

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David’s head was filling with a strange fog as he waited with Liam, Penny and Jason for the others to return. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against the seat in front of him.

“Brain fog?” Penny asked softly.

David looked over at her and nodded. “I feel weird.”

“Hmm.” She looked worried. “He’s really close, Liam. I wish we hadn’t needed to bring him. He doesn’t need this sort of stress.” She laid a gentle hand against David’s forehead. “Any aches and pains, Kid?”

“Uh?” David frowned at her and considered the question. “No, no pains. I just feel like my head’s full of cotton wool.”

“No, physical changes then,” Liam said.

“Probably not,” Penny said. “But I wouldn’t have thought he would with a Leannaun grandmother. They look perfectly human unless you see them out of their body.” She sighed. “I hope this doesn’t take long he needs to-” She broke off and pushed David down. “Get down!”

A moment later David heard a door slam and a car start up. It screeched past their people carrier onto the road. The part of his mind that was linked to Anna was jerked along with it.

“Sounds like he got away,” Penny said in a neutral tone.

“And he’s still got Anna!” David sat up and looked out of the rear window. “We have to go after him!”

“We have to wait for the other’s first,” Liam said. “They’re the fighters here.”


Michael swore quietly to himself as Ragnar disappeared through the hole then turned and opened the door of the cell and let Leisa in.

“He got away?” she asked.

He nodded sheepishly. “He was faster than both of us. Worse he took Anna. He left his current victim behind though. We need to break the link between them before he comes back for her.”

Leisa looked over at the girl who was cowering in the corner. “Hmm, a blood link is hard to break. For now let’s stash her on holy ground.” She laid a gentle hand on the girl’s head. “Go to sleep, child.” The girl slumped down at the command and Leisa scooped her up into her arms. “We have to go after him and Anna anyway and the best way to break the link is to kill him.”

“Holy ground where?” Tanya asked from above. They all looked up to find her and Sarah staring down at them through the hole. “Tyler and Merry have followed him but he was out the back door and is long gone.

“One of my emergency bolt holes is in a disused church,” Michael said. “I figured it was the last place any hunter who caught on to me would think of looking.”

“Not a bad thought.” Tanya agreed.

“And then we get David to track Anna again?” Brenna asked.

Tanya smirked and shook her head. “No need. I managed to get his scent this time and I think Sal did too.” She glanced at Sarah who noddedl. “We can track him now.” She glanced to one side. “And he doesn’t think too clearly under stress does he? I’d swear he’s heading for his servant’s house and he knows we know where he lives.”

“He’s probably not intending to stay there,” Leisa said. “He’s either going to dispose of him or grab him to take along. He needs to cut that stake out as well. Rowan poisoning sucks. Still it’s a good place to intercept him. Let’s get outside and regroup.”

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