Haventon Chronicles One: Haventon Born – Chapter Twenty One Part One

December 19th, 2012  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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“What a wreck!” Leisa said when they located the derelict house Ragnar had fled to. “I would never have thought of looking here. Ragnar likes his home comforts.”

“Well it’s certainly here,” Tanya said. “Down… I think the cellar must be intact and he’s holed up in there.”

Leisa tutted to herself. “Well he knows his own reputation. I guess he picked this place because he thought we wouldn’t expect it.”

“And he would have been right if these two hadn’t got his scent.” Tyler nodded at Tanya and Sarah. “You go and find the main entrance to the cellar, Brenna and I will have a look around and see if we can’t find a window, coal hatch or something that will allow us to flank him.”

“Hold on!” Sarah pointed at tire tracks in the garden. She followed them into the shrubs that overgrew much of the large garden. Leisa and the others followed curiously just in time to see her claws pop out, She rapidly shredded all four tyres on Ragnar’s car with them. “There that should stop him running again. We finish this here.”

“Good thinking!” Leisa agreed. “Now let’s go and find out where exactly he’s hiding.”

Sarah returned her hands to normal and nodded. “Yes, let’s.”

Finding the cellar door did not take long and when they finally did they waited until Tyler signalled them that he and Brenna had found some sort of back entrance before Leisa and Michael set their shoulders to it in unison and began to try and hammer it down.

It proved fairly easy to shatter the bolt but the door opened barely an inch when it did. Ragnar had apparently been taking no chances and had barricaded it with some heavy furniture.

“He’ll be waiting when this finally gives,” Leisa whispered to Tanya. “So be ready to leap over us when it does.” They continued pushing, the door slowly scraping open against the weight inch by inch until whatever was blocking it toppled back into the cellar with a loud crash and the door flew open all the way. If it weren’t for their superhuman reflexes both she and Michael would have tumbled down the stairs when it did. As it was they both recovered their footing before then and leapt over the pile of broken wood towards Ragnar who was waiting on the stairs with a sharp knife in one hand, and this time he had a stake of his own in the other.

There was another crash from the other side of the cellar and Tyler and Brenna dropped down.

Ragnar’s head snapped around to stare at them for a moment before looking back at Leisa. He clearly realised what trouble he was in and his eyes narrowed as he considered his options.

After a moment he tossed the stake aside and leapt backward to where Anna was sitting on a mattress and chained to the wall. She gave a startled cry as he grabbed her by the hair and yanked her between him and them.

“No one move!” he snarled and pressed the knife to her throat. “Or she’ll be dead before you can kill me.”


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