Haventon Chronicles One: Haventon Born – Chapter Twenty Part Three

November 6th, 2012  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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“What on earth!” Tanya stopped the people carrier as they turned into the street where Ragnar’s procurer lived.

“What is it?” Leisa asked.

“There’s police and an ambulance outside the procurer’s house,” Tanya replied.

“Hmm…” Brenna opened the door. “I’ll go and investigate. I doubt our target is there though so you two try and track him down while I do.”

“Be careful!” Leisa cautioned. Brenna just grinned at her.

“Don’t worry. They won’t even know I’m there.” She slipped down the street, ducked under the police line and headed into the house. Just as she had said none of the police or paramedics even seemed to notice her.

“That’s a useful trick,” Leisa said. “Does it work on cameras as well?”

“It does,” Tyler said. “And written records as well. It’s useful but what’s annoying is we have to turn it off if we want to be noticed rather than on if we don’t.”

“That would be a little annoying,” Leisa agreed. “Still suspect the advantages outweigh the problems.”

“Not as much as you might think,” he said. “Ah! Here she comes. That didn’t take long.”

Sure enough Brenna appeared from the driveway, ducked back under tape and walked quickly back up the road.

“This vampire is very interesting,” she said quizzically. “He seems to take offence at humans killing other humans even though he does it himself.”

“Yes, Ragnar has a lot of hypocrisies,” Leisa said. “But what’s going on?”

“It wasn’t clear from what I could hear so I had to scry the house to find out. It seems that his procurer was shall we say playing with the girls Ragnar rejected as food.” She nodded to where paramedics were leading a shivering girl wrapped in a blanket to a waiting ambulance. I gather she got loose and killed George then called the police and that Ragnar was there at the time though she was unaware of him. I think he had something to do with her escape. I’m not sure why he didn’t kill her.”

“No, he wouldn’t like that at all,” Leisa agreed. “I hate his guts but Ragnar does not kill for fun just his twisted idea of necessity. And since she didn’t know he existed and he wasn’t using her as food so he would have deemed her death unnecessary. ”

“And having her kill his slave would be a good cover up for his own kills which is why he didn’t grab her even though he must be ravenous,” Michael said. “Have you found him yet?”

“I think so,” Tanya said. “He’s still on the move though, we’ll need to wait until he stops to go after him. He seems to be heading for the other side of town.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

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