Haventon Chronicles One: Haventon Born – Chapter Twenty Two Part Two

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“How do I feel?” David frowned. “Strange. I’m not sure how to explain it.” He closed his eyes to think about it. Only then did he realise that they had started to tingle. The first odd physical sensation he’d had. When he mentioned it Penny tilted his head back.

“Open you eyes and let me have a look then,” she said. David did as she asked and she immediately gave a low whistle. “Now that’s interesting. you said that his grandmother was Leannaun?”

“It seems so anyway,” Liam said. “Why?”

“I guess he’s inherited her eyes then,” she said.

“Hmm?” Liam came up behind her and looked over her should at David’s eyes. “Oh my! Sidhe eyes! I should have realised when Tanya mentioned werewolf eyes being different to people who can see them.”

“That’s a silly name for them,” Penny said. “He’s not Irish and he might not be fae – daemons have the sight just often.”

“What’s wrong with my eyes?” David asked. Penny sighed and fumbled around in her handbag, eventually producing a small mirror.

“Look for yourself,” she said.

He took the mirror hesitently and looked at his eyes. For a moment he couldn’t see any diference but then he realised that they looked more silver then their normal grey – not to the point of being mirrored but certainly not a natural colour. He frowned at his reflection then looked up at Penny.

“How can I hide them? People will know something is wrong if they see them.”

“There’s nothing wrong!” Penny said sharply. “Please don’t think of yourself as something wrong.”

“You know what he means, Penny,” Liam said. “He does need to be able to hide them.”

“I know, I know,” she said. “I’m not good at glamour, ask Tyler and Brenna when they get back.”

“And sight?” David asked. “You mean clairvoyance?”

“Pretty much only more so,” Liam said. “You’ll find you can see things even other clairvoyants can’t – dematerialised ghosts and similar – and unfortunately unlike a normal clairvoyant you won’t be able to turn it off. Have you ever heard the stories of people accidentally geting fairy ointment in their eyes, seeing things they shouldn’t and either being blinded by the fair folk or plucking their own eyes out to get rid of it?”

“No, I don’t know much about fairies or daemons,” David said. “But I don’t think I need to know the stories to see where this is going. They’re garbled memories of people with ths sight.” He looked around. “But I don’t see anything strange.”

“That must mean there’s nothing to see here,” Liam said. “The full sight isn’t a spectacular ability but it is slightly unusual. It should help-” he broke off as Daniel came back into the ruined room from where he’d been keeping watch outside.

“Tanya just called,” Daniel said. “They’re on their way back and they have Anna but Ragnar escaped. We need to get ready to do a severing ritual to cut the blood link between him and the girl.”

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