The Haventon Chronicles One: Haventon Born – Chapter Seven Part Three

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Haventon Born

Chapter Seven Part Three

She sat down on the edge of David’s bed and placed a hand on his forehead. He stirred slightly, and she pushed him back down in to a deeper sleep before he woke. The necessity of keeping him asleep and the confusion in his mind made making sense of anything he might know a difficult process. She winced and began to sort through it determinedly.

She formed a large part of his thoughts. She hadn’t meant to unsettle him quite this profoundly. Almost everything was linked to his thoughts of her in some way. If she could have sorted his mind out without alerting him she would have. The last thing she needed was a confused vampire hunter being obsessed with her.

Leaving aside that powerful image, she found his memory of killing Ian and flinched from his confused grief and fear. She was slightly surprised that he had spoken to the young vampire; hunters were not supposed to do that, though the prohibition had hardly made it uncommon. Still, this was what they needed to know so she homed in on it.

“I’ve found it,” she told Michael and opened her mind to him. He merged with her and she replayed the scene from David’s memory to him and his discoveries in the aftermath.

“Well,” he said, after she finished. “That was interesting. I think I’d better warn Sarah that he knows about Ian being a werewolf hunter.”

“Yes, and from what she said Ian isn’t the first victim. We need to find out whom the first one was and if he was a werewolf hunter as well.”

“His cousin said she is going to talk to Meredith. Once she has, I’ll see what she says. If he was a hunter, she’ll know.”

“Indeed, she agreed. But Michael, that girl, Sarah’s cousin…”

“I know. I recognised her. She is the hunter who I ambushed that time. How intriguing, I wonder what she is doing here.”

“I think she lives here, and she is a vampire hunter.” She grinned at him. “But really it looks like Meredith has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams in sewing doubts.”

“With Tanya anyway,” he agreed. “But I think that she was more open-minded to start with.”

“Yes, she had to be to hold that position on werewolves and given the fact she didn’t freak totally when you ambushed her. Those two are going to get themselves into trouble. I am amazed they haven’t yet.” She smiled down at David again. “And it seems like David is starting to come around as well.” She brushed his mind again and frowned. “Now that’s interesting.”

“What is it?” Michael asked.

“The vampire who’s causing this paralysis, she shares an enemy with me.” Leisa saw Michael’s quizzical look and gave a strained smile. “He discovered me because someone pushed him. The same someone has done it before. Whoever it is, they are also stirring up his anger against the vampire who paralysed Ian, and they aren’t being subtle about it. They want him to find and kill her.” She bit back a snarl. “I am loathe to mess with his mind any more at the moment but I really think that I should damp that down. Whoever she is, I am pretty sure that she is way out of David’s class.”

“Hmmm…. that sounds wise to me,” Sarah said from the doorway. “I’d prefer my brother be able to think for himself, and it sounds like he can’t right now.”

“Oh, he can,” Leisa said. “He is going psychic, and psychics are hard to control. They are using his own thoughts and feelings against him because they can’t just rewrite them. Sadly, that is going to make this harder, because I am the one going against the flow.” She placed her fingertips on David’s temples. “David, listen to me, the vampire who paralysed your target is too dangerous for you. At least as dangerous as I am, probably more. Don’t investigate her until you are stronger.” She repeated it several times until it sank into his mind. She located the upwelling of his own psychic ability, which was giving him the same warning and which the other was suppressing under the tide of anger and bolstered it, pushing it closer to the surface.

“You should point out the alien current in his mind, as well.” Only when Michael suggested it, did she realise he had been watching mentally. “He is too strong willed to be happy with that. Never mind that there’s something actively malevolent about that other’s mental fingerprints. It makes my skin crawl.”

“Mine too,” she agreed. “And that’s a good idea. His subconscious has already spotted it. I’ll just nudge it up.” She paused and smirked. “And his subconscious trusts me as well. Well trust is the wrong word. It knows I don’t intend him harm.” She did as she said with an added admonishment not to panic about it. Then, she stroked his hair and rose to her feet. “Well that’s done. I just hope it takes.”

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