The Haventon Chronicles One: Haventon Born – Chapter Ten Part Three

March 27th, 2012  |  Published in Haventon Chronicles

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Haventon Born

Chapter Ten Part Two

Anna woke from the dream and looked at the clock. It was just after 3am and would be getting light soon. She felt like yelling in triumph, but that would wake her older brother and Jason needed his sleep. She was certain that she had just won an important victory over her enemy.

I am going to find you, monster, and then we’ll destroy you. She really hoped that he could hear her thoughts right now. Even if my friends and I have to die to do it. You picked the wrong girl for your games.

She was too wired for sleep right now so she attacked the punchbag which Tanya had bought for her. She had not realised that her superior was so nice, or understood her so well. It amazed her that Tanya was willing to bend the rules so far for her, she was canny enough to know that women probably wouldn’t do this much for most of her underlings. What was so special about her?

It took her an hour to calm her mind enough to get back to sleep and this time she was undisturbed until morning.

* * *

“Okay, he’s gone,” Leisa said. “I think the werewolves saw him off. He’s having a very bad night.” She sounded very smug about that. “We can leave now.”

David looked up at her. “How? The door’s locked.” He paused. “And how did we get in here anyway?”

“I told you we misted, and that’s how we’ll get out too.” She grinned and grabbed his hand again. “Grab your bag.”

“Mist?” He did as she said. “You mean turn to mist? You can take other people with you when you do that.”

“Of course,” she said and did just that.

When he recovered his wits they were standing in the street just beyond the church railings. Two large grey wolves sat in the road watching them.

“Woah!” He took an instinctive step backwards. He might not approve of killing them but two of them, in wolf form, at full moon was a bit unnerving. Especially after hearing Meredith talk about being rescued from werewolves by a vampire.

“Well now you can tell her the opposite is true for you,” Leisa said softly. “Because these two helped us out for whatever reason.” She held out a hand in a non-threatening manner to them. “Thank you, honoured moon children.”

One of the wolves sniffed at her hand and then thumped its tail on the tarmac in what seemed to David to be an expression of approval. The other trotted over to him and looked up at him with big amber eyes, looking for all the world like a puppy waiting for a fuss. Hesitantly he reached out with one hand and scratched its ears. It closed its eyes and wagged its tail happily, before licking his hand and pointing with its nose towards where his motorbike lay.

“I think that’s a suggestion that you should get home,” Leisa said. “It is rather late and you look tired. Come on. I’ll make sure that you get there safely.” As they walked towards his motorbike she picked up his crucifix from the gutter and handed it to him.

“Thanks,” he said. No longer even surprised she could handle it though she had been quick about passing it to him.

“It’s made of silver, David. It makes my skin itch,” she said.

“Oh, of course.” He looked down at his bike. “Oh, good I didn’t damage her too much. I think I stripped the tires though. I’d better check her over thoroughly before I ride her again.”

Leisa tutted quietly at that. “I’d suggest we took my car but the bike wouldn’t fit and we can’t leave it here. We’ll have to walk. Thank goodness it’s not too far.”

They walked with to his door paced by the two werewolves. As he unlocked it she rummaged around in her pocket and handed him the rosary he had hung from her car mirror. “Thanks,” she said impishly. “But I don’t need this.” Then she looked back at the two werewolves. “Do you have some bacon or sausages in your fridge? Because in the old days it was traditional to offer meat to werewolves if they saved you. People have forgotten these things just like they forget that werewolves do such things.”

“Er… yes I think I do. I’ll go get it.”

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