Lawgiver’s Blade: Chapter Three Part One

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A/N: Sorry for missing Monday’s post. I had a migraine

When Alidra awoke next morning Imalia was awake but still haggard with exhaustion. She and Tamasa were sitting by the hearth watching the porridge pot. To Alidra’s surprise Imalia had abandoned her own seat and was kneeling on the floor beside Tamasa, their hands were entwined and they were talking quietly and intensely.

“Please rest another day, Imalia,” Tamasa said. “I don’t believe the Lawgiver would wish you to die for us. No one else here is sick yet.”

“I cannot,” Imalia said. “No one here will die if I wait, but it would put me behind in reaching the rest of the villages they passed through. This disease is so unnaturally infectious I believe they will have infected at least some.”

“And how bad will things be if you die here and they have to wait for another of your colleagues to reach them? The way you do this is wasteful and impractical.”

“I know,” Imalia said. “But I’m not going to die. Even if I were I couldn’t stop. Right now any failure of duty could set off another mage war. I remember the end of the last one.” She gave a shudder. “I hope one day things will be different.”

“I see. Then will you at least-” Tamasa stopped as she noticed Alidra.

Imalia looked over as well. The dark circles were more pronounced and her cheeks were hollow yet when she smiled she was still pretty.

“Alidra!” Tamasa said. “You’re awake! Breakfast is nearly ready.” She rose from her stool and filled a wooden cup with small beer for Alidra before filling another with her best ale and turning back to Imalia. “Will you at least fortify yourself for the work ahead of you?”

“I can do that,” Imalia said. “But that wasn’t what you were going to suggest, was it?”

“You know what I was going to ask?” my mother asked.

“I think so.”

“So will you?”

Imalia shook her head. “I can’t. There’s too much chance someone would notice which would only put you in danger. It’s not necessary anyway.” She took the cup from Tamasa’s hands. “My toast to you, Tamasa. To friends found in the most unexpected of places. Your secrets are safe with me.”

Tamasa sighed and once more begged Imalia to wait another day, or even half a day, and rest some more before continuing her mission but once more she refused.


Once she had eaten her porridge and drunk her beer Imalia made her way to the shrine with the whole family below. Lilat met them at the door.

“Shrinekeeper Lilat,” Imalia said formally. “I’ll deal with my hosts family first as they will be most exposed. After that will you arrange to send people to me one by one, children, old people and pregnant women first. The disease hits them sooner and progresses faster.”

“Of course, Mage Imalia,” Lilat replied, equally formal.

“And on that note I’ll deal with Mayin first,” she said. She turned to Alidra’s Aunt who stared at her in confusion for a moment before her eyes widened.

“Are you saying I’m pregnant?”

“You didn’t know?” Imalia asked. “Well it is very early, far enough along that the second life pulse is obvious to a healer but not so far that it would be obvious to you. It’s good news I hope.”

“Oh yes!” Mayin said. “But it makes it more imperatives that we get our own cottage.” She fixed a piercing stare on her husband.

“We’re going to start work on it as soon as Denri gets the plans confirmed and the flows are right,” he said. “It won’t take nine moons to build a house.”

“I’ll check you over and weave the normal protection spells for you as well,” Imalia said. “That will save you a trip to Tehan to visit the current resident Healer.”

“Thank you, mage Imalia,” Mayin said. “I would be grateful.”

“You’re welcome,” Imalia said. “Alidra next and then whoever order you think.” She lead Mayin inside.

One by one they went into the shrine, where Imalia wove her magic to remove the disease before it made them ill and to prevent it from reinfecting them.

By noon, when Tamasa brought her a simple meal, she had dealt with around half the village, but each time it seemed to be taking her longer.

Alidra accompanied her mother to the shrine but Tamasa firmly told her daughter stay outside with Lilat while she went inside.

“I hope Tamasa can persuade her to rest,” Lilat said softly. “She’s right. Imalia is pushing herself too far.”

Alidra felt he stomach twist and took a breath to suppress the inexplicable nausea. “Will she be alright?”

Lilat frowned, her eyes distant. “I hope so, child. I really hope so.”

An hour later Tamasa emerged with an empty basket and a dejected expression.

“I managed to get her to take a nap after she ate,” she said. “But she’s already awake again and wouldn’t hear of resting for the rest of the day. She said to send her next patient in.”

Lilat sighed. “I was afraid of that. It’s better than nothing. I just hope it was enough.”

“I do too.” Tamasa held her hand out to Alidra. “Want to help Mayin and me with the spinning?”

“There’s no lessons today?” Alidra asked.

“No, dear, the shrine is in use and you did your combat drills yesterday,” Lilat said.

“Aw! I wanted to know the answer to the question you asked us!”

Lilat grinned and tweaked her nose. “Look on it as a lesson in patience.”

“What question?” Tamasa asked.

“One of the children asked why our ancestors negotiated with the Saraleti when the eight peoples first arrived here during the Spirit War.”

“Because The Lawgiver told them to,” Tamasa said promptly.

Lilat chuckled. “I told them that. The question I asked them was why did they think he might do that?”

“Ooh!” Tamasa said. “Yes, that’s an interesting question. You might not want to mention that in front of Mayin, Alidra.”

“No, she wouldn’t like it and I’m still not sure what the answer should be.” Alidra took her mother’s hand. “I’ll help with the spinning. You want me to card for you?”

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  1. torvawk says:

    For others,

    My guesses may be spoilers or not. They are guesses. Skip my comment if you want to avoid being spoiled by good guesses.


    I knew it!!
    “My toast to you, Tamasa. To friends found in the most unexpected of places. Your secrets are safe with me.”
    Tamasa is hiding something. By the respect she is getting from most of the mages and the Shrinekeeper, I think she is some ex-mage or … what was it? … witch from the other side of the war?

    But again, you just hang it out there without telling me anything. You are just confirming that your hints earlier definitely have some substance to it but still have not provided any of that substance. Gah. I think you like leaving me hanging.

    I also suspect it is not for Tamasa herself but for Alidra instead. Because of Tamasa and (suspecting from your other works) maybe even her yet unknown father, there is something even more special about Alidra. I also suspect it will go against the Lawgiver code somehow.

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      I will say nothing except that you have anticipated to an undisclosed degree certain of the upcoming events and reveals. X-D

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