And we’re back

September 25th, 2018  |  Published in News

Sorry about the outage. This post will explain what happened and give a schedule for me starting to post again,

So What happened?

Earlier this year I realised that even though I now have a permanent job I could not afford to pay this years hosting fees. I had a bit of a panic trying to find a solution when a friend offered to host it for me on her server. So I downloaded a complete backup from the old host and sent it across.

Unfortunately the move did not go smoothly as hoped and it’s taken until today to finally iron out the last of the problems (something weird with the SSL cert – and hey we have an SSL cert now :-D) so we’re finally up and running again.

So everyone say thanks to Woozle for her help.

So will you be posting again now?

Yup! I will finish posting Lord of the Wolves over the next couple of weeks as it is all written and then start updating Whisper weekly again.

Can we help?

Yes! In October I will be editing LotW so come November I will be looking for beta readers to do some error spotting before I try to figure out how I am affording a cover artist when I am living month to month. So you can either help out by volunteering for the beta read or if you have some moolah and aren’t completely miffed with how scratty things have been for a while you can contribute to my cover fund on my ko-fi.

So that’s all for now. Watch out for a couple more posts in the next few days including me guesting on local podcast and the next LotW post.

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