NaNoWriMo is coming…

October 24th, 2014  |  Published in News  |  8 Comments

… And as usual I will be taking part as I have every year since 2005 (and I’ve won every year except last year and even then I wrote over 40k words in a month). This year I want to do something different. I want to give you – my readers – the chance to read my NaNoWriMo tale as I write (yes, we’re talking daily or near daily posts). Before we get to that bit let’s talk about the story itself.

I’m going to be writing a Superhero story. It doesn’t have a title yet but here’s the blurb:

Superpowers and superheroes aren’t real. They belong in fiction not reality. Everyone knows that. Sienna Munroe certainly knows it.

Or at least she thinks she does until the day an explosion shakes her home town and a strange mist engulfs it. While trying to get an injured friend help in the aftermath Sienna and her friends are attacked by a man and Sienna throws him backwards and knocks him out with just her mind.

Now she doesn’t know what to think but a paramilitary group is hunting down and murdering other people who manifested powers during the disaster so she needs to do something and quickly.

That sounds great, Becka, you say. (At least I hope you do). Now how can we read it as you write it?

Now that’s thing:

I’m going to be making a separate wordpress blog for it on and the posts will password protected. All Patrons (at all levels) as of 31st October 2014, my beta readers, and Tony who does my ebook layouts will be sent the password automatically but anyone else will need to donate at least $5 before November 30th to have access. Otherwise you’ll have to wait for me to edit it stick it into the schedule for serialization on the main website. The money thus raised will go towards the Dragon Wars Saga book 3 edit.

If we raise $300 (after which I will not need to do a separate crowdfunding campaign for Book 3) I will remove the passwords and make it accessible to everyone. Yes I will count the Patreon money for November towards this total. If you want to donate either become a patron (but only if you intend to give monthly, please) or donate via paypal.

Hopefully you’re all interested but I guess we’ll find out. πŸ˜€


(Edit: Adding a progress ticker for the monies… Patreon amounts will be addedΒ  to the total in early November once they are processed.)

8 Responses to “NaNoWriMo is coming…”

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  2. mjkj says:

    That sounds great, Becka. (Yes, I did.)
    Yup, I am interested.

    • Rebecca Sutton says:


      I’m glad you’re interested.

      Well, you’re a Patreon Donor so you’ll get access automatically. πŸ˜€

      • mjkj says:

        I am looking forward to your stories…
        Though what will happen to the other active stories? Do you have a buffer (not really applicable for Whisper)? Will they be on hiatus? or are you doing them on top of NaNoWriMo?

      • Rebecca Sutton says:

        As in previous years I’ll try and create a buffer for Dragon Wars for November. I’ll continue writing Whisper just in time.

      • mjkj says:

        Ok, I just hope that will not be too much for you…

      • Rebecca Sutton says:

        I already have two and a half weeks of November’s Dragon Wars buffered. πŸ˜€ I should have all of it done by Friday. The worst I see for Whisper is installments may be a little shorter for November.

      • mjkj says:

        Ah, that is good to hear

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