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June 12th, 2016  |  Published in News, Shattered  |  3 Comments

Heyup readers,

Rather than a report on where I’m at or an attempt to wring money out of you I want to get some feedback from you.

Firstly are you reading Caredale? If so are you enjoying it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Secondly I’d like your feelings on the Shattered Landing Page. Not many people are clicking through to the Gumroad page and I’m trying to ascertain if it’s a problem with the page or the story is just not what people want to read (because the first can be sorted but the second is a real problem and I may have to find something else to offer).

So questions:

  1. Does the Shattered Landing Page appeal to you and make you want to click through? If not is this because it’s not the sort of Fantasy you read or does the page or blurb just not pique your interest?
  2. Is it obvious that you don’t have to pay to subscribe unless you want to. Should I move that part a bit higher up the page?
  3. Is it obvious where to click through?
  4. There is a sample chapter on my Facebook Page so people can have a look before they commit to subscribing? Have you read it there or would you prefer to see the sample chapter on the website?

I know I’m being a bit of a pain but I hope you will take a moment to help me figure out how to make people’s initial interaction with my work more appealing so they want to stick around.



3 Responses to “Sunday Blog – Feedback Request”

  1. torvawk says:


    The intro could be more compelling. Let me think more on that so I can give you some better suggestions than “it could be better”. 🙂

    The how it works can get people to assume there is an amount. I think the best thing to do that is the move those three big graphics down. Probably to just above the second subscribe button.

  2. torvawk says:

    Here. I promised this rewrite of your intro. I think I have kept the revealed details the same. I think I covered all the same points. Trust your feelings though. Go with what you think is best. Maybe combine the two. But these are my ideas for your intro.

    Usurpers seeking the power of the gods themselves start a war whose first attack nearly causes one of the gods to make the ultimate sacrifice and shatters her seat of power, the moon. The moon goddess choosing further risk to herself stands with her people instead of returning to the heavens.

    Nearly powerless and vulnerable, she needs the protection of her people, the Saleika even as they flee for their lives as their enemies seek to stop them. She and her people work together to learn who attacks the gods and their follows; what are their ultimate plans; and face a past the gods have tried to forget.

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