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March 6th, 2016  |  Published in News  |  28 Comments

Not much news this week so I thought I’d try something different.

Name one of my settings or characters in comments and I’ll reply with five factoids about them.

28 Responses to “Sunday Blog – Short and Sweet”

  1. Spork says:


    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      1. Naria’s favourite thing (with the possible exception of Drew) is flying.
      2. She finds she prefers Earth to the other world.
      3. Even though she’s a blue dragon her favourite colour is actually gold, but there’s not much gold in her personality.
      4. She decided she quite like Matthias even when he was holding her captive. It was the trout that did it. Didn’t stop he being furious and resentful about being captive.
      5. She misses her family.

      (I’ll do Drew tomorrow)

  2. White Tiger says:


  3. White Tiger says:


    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      1. Lydia’s favourite hobby is Orienteering.
      2. Lydia gets so involved in living she forgets basic things (Karen isn’t kidding about her forgetting to comb her hair).
      3. Even after everything she still doesn’t believe in magic.
      4. She has the most raw power of any of her siblings.
      5. She wants to study engineering at university.

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      1. Salia always thought her mother was being silly about humans.
      2. She can access more of her power in resting form than is usual for a Speaker.
      3. She wishes someone other than her mother could be queen because Val is always busy.
      4. She worries about her brother a lot.
      5. She misses Kari.

  4. mjkj says:


    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      1. Talonyka means “Earth’s Shadow” or “Earth’s Dream “in Draconic.(Shadow and Dream are the same word).
      2. There *are* more fragments of the original world than the Heartlands scatted across the Mabain Sea but none is as large or as stable.
      3. There was a time when humans could live there indefinitely but this is so long ago even the oldest Kithreiri and Dragons think it a myth.
      4.Even the Heart is uncertain wy that chaanged.
      5. The whole of the Heartlands floats on an undersea of Mabain.

  5. mjkj says:

    The Core

  6. mjkj says:


    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      1. Amanpreet follows a Damkinan Human version of one of the main Kska Ishtari religions.
      2. Her parents think being a trader is below her and want her to become an exploratory navigator (like Kayla).
      3. She owns a large library of paper books (mostly twentieth century Science Fiction).
      4. She was a champion fencer in high school but is out of practice now.
      5. She says she dislikes navigating but she never feels more at home than she does in hyperspace. (That’s why she doesn’t like it).

  7. mjkj says:


    …have fun, Becka 😀

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      *laughter* I should probably have said one per person X-D

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      1. Promise is a leader among its kind.
      2. Prior to contact with Storm and the Crew of the Whisper it was one of the few sophont Fish who actively considered that the Mez could have changed.
      3. It finds it really likes some human music, especially classical South East Asian music.
      4.It is an optimist.
      5. It wants to help prevent a war with the enemy.

  8. Targetdrone says:


    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      1. Umi is considered a very good singer among the Mez. For a sound orientated species this is no small thing.
      2. She fell into a diplomatic role by accident through supporting Storm
      3. Before that she intended to be a bioengineer and she was set to be a pretty good one which is why she was assigned to Talis.
      4. She gets homesick for Tinia sometimes.
      5. She has more human than Mez friends (and she’s in no way lacking in Mez friends).

  9. Spork says:


  10. torvawk says:

    David’s father. ( I am sorry, I am bad at names )

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      1. Mark was quite happy leaving the pack leadership in the hands of his brother. He hated politics.
      2. He blamed himself for what happened to Emma because he didn’t teach his no werewolf children enough about the supernatural world but never knew she became a vampire.
      3. Philip and Tanya also never told him that David was a hunter (he would have blamed himself for that as well).
      4. He was older than Philip by nearly a decade but the slow rate of werewolf aging means they look about the same age.
      5. At the point when he died for real he was beginning to think about exit strategies before said slow aging made him obviously nonhuman. He had hoped to find one that didn’t require abandoning his family.

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