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April 3rd, 2011  |  Published in News  |  1 Comment

Hello Readers!

You’ve probably noticed the little green and orange Flattr button at the top of the support list. It’s in the sidebar and on the support page.

You’re probably wondering what it is. Flattr is a “social micropayments site” – which tells you nothing. Here’s their “About Page” and here’s an introductory video, both of which should help explain.

But the basic idea is something like the demon love-child of a paypal donate button and digg. When you join Flattr you set a monthly amount which can be as low as 2 euros (approx $2.84 or £1.77 according to Google – so pocket change) and at the end of each month this amount is split up between the Things you’ve flattr’d that month. If you don’t flattr anything in a month your money for that month is given to charity. More importantly Flattr is a way to find new stuff. You can search currently extent Things on Flattr for what interests you and see the number of people who’ve already Flattr’d it, giving you an idea how popular it is. There’s not much weblit on there (yet) but I’ve found a couple of things to Flattr myself in the last couple of months.

But, you think, she’s glossing over the evil fact that she wants our money. Well, yes, but I don’t think that’s evil. I’m not going to hold a gun to your head or threaten to take my stuff down. If you want to give me your money I’ll be happy to take it. Webhosting costs money. So does advertising. I’m using my small amount of disposable income to bring you this site. My dream is make a living at this writing game, but I’d be content if I could just break even. 😀

And if my writing was bringing me some money back I could make the site even better.

Other people are thinking “just put up a donation button, girl.” And I will (with much less fanfare) once I’ve sorted a few things out.

And remember there are plenty of non-monetary ways to support the site if you’re skint, as so many are nowadays, but want to help. Check the list in the sidebar,  and most especially please vote on TopWebFiction, thanks!

In other news The Dragon Wars Saga chapter one part one has been overhauled and reposted. I’d like feedback on if it is an improvement on the original version. I’ll be reposting the new version of a part each Sunday. Why? Because I feel my writing has improved a lot since I started posting back in January 2010 and I want the whole thing to reflect that.

And finally don’t forget that the side stories start posting this Wednesday!

Thanks and hugs to all my readers! You’re fantastic!






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