Mjkj’s Question about Resonant form

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Dear Mattias and all who can answer

What is this shift and the resonant forms? How would you explain it? Can you choose your resonant form? How does it affect your power when you are shifted? Is this shifting into an element or another “animal”-form (or “speaker”-form)? (e.g. could it be that you end up as a tree or a water puddle?) Are you mobile when you are shifted (can you walk/float or whatever or could you end up stationary, e.g. when you end up as a stone or something the like?)?

I know that are many questions but I hope you can answer them regardless.

Kind regards


(This is a tough one to answer in character because the characters don’t actually know that much about it except it exists. But I shall give it a shot).

Matthias answers:

Resonant form is the form Kyle took when he was fighting Daniel when he briefly became water. That is a form based on your primary affinity – what I think you mean by element. As far as anyone knows there is no form that impinges on your mobility – mine and Sonia’s certainly don’t – but the necessity of hiding what we are has left us with limited opportunities for study.

Sarah Tyler adds: I’m pretty much sure none of them do. I’ve had opportunity to study the phenomenon more than anyone in the past several thousand years since pretty much my entire family are Resonants. I’ve ascertained for certain that while Matt hates to admit it Resonant form bears a startling similarity to the affinity form of dragons and they certainly have no trouble moving in it.  I get to see some weird things – I mean Lucus’s resonant form is based on Mind… and that’s an incomprehensible thing to see. Sound – like Jason – and Life – like me – are easier to imagine but still strange compared to more normal things like water or fire. As for how it effects our power, it’s certainly easier to use it in that form. There’s less chance of a backlash at higher levels. We need to study it more though.

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  1. mjkj says:

    Thank you for the answers. It is indeed strange to think someone can shift into a primary affinity like life, mind, etc. (how would that look like?).


    • admin says:

      Life tends towards associative symbolism (Leaves and similar). Mind seems to depend on who’s looking.

      • mjkj says:

        Thank you
        That is quite interesting…

        What would sound, soul or strength look like? and what would courage, hope or healing look like? (I do not know all of the affinities there are – but there must be some quite interesting ones out there…)

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