Dragon Wars: Land Of Myth Chapter Thirteen Part Four

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Chapter Thirteen

Part Four

“Is Karilya really alright?” Salia asked asked as the goblin tended to Lyrekka’s cut. “She hit the wall really hard and wasn’t moving.”

“She’s fine,” Lyrrekka said. “I wouldn’t have left her alone if she weren’t. She was conscious, if grumpy about the headache she had when I came to check on you and got into that row with Gerian-mirian.”

“There, all done,” the goblin said.

“Thank you,” Lyrrekka nodded to him and rose to her feet. “Let’s go and see how Kari’s doing.” She extended her hand to Salia. “She’s in the next room.”

“What about Coromel?” Salia asked. “You said you were bringing her back with us?”

“Yes, she’s your friend and you need friends. Mia’s helping her move right now. She’ll be staying in your room until we get something set up for her.”

“That’s okay,” Salia said. “I’m just glad she’s going to be out of this place.”

“So am I. I’d really like to get everyone out, but I know that’s not happening.” She gave a deep sigh and pushed open the door to the next room. Karilya was sitting on a bed while two goblins attended to her. Lyrrekka sat down by her. “How are you feeling, Kari?”

“Better, mummy.” Karilya ducked her head apologetically. “I’m sorry I was so horrible when I came around.”Β  She looked at Salia. “Are you okay? Mummy said he attacked you.”

“Don’t worry about it. Anyone would be when they’d been thrown into a wall and kicked,” Lyrrekka said.

“I’m fine, he broke my ribs but they’re fixed now. I don’t think he was happy that I bit his nose off.” Salia said. “Are you really okay?”

Karilya gave a shout of laughter. “You… That’s brilliant!” She shook her head. “I’m fine. Ready to get out of this place and go home.”

“We really should,” Lyrrekka agreed. “It’s nearly dinner time and Salia needs to send an imp before bed.” She looked at the goblins. “Is she ready to go?”

“Yes.” One of them nodded. “We’ve fixed the physical damage and fed her. Your daughter has a lot of self-control, you should be proud.”

“I am.” Lyrrekka wound an arm around Karilya’s shoulder and kissed her forehead. “Let’s go, then.”


Salia sat on her bed and focused on making an Imp to send to her mother. She opened one eye and peeked at Lyrrekka who was sitting on the edge of Coromel’s bed talking quietly to the still shell-shocked sylph. Coromel was jumping at every shadow and obviously expected Lyrrekka to eat her at any moment, though she had begun to relax around Karilya during the evening.

“Can I tell my mother what happened today?” Salia asked.

Lyrrekka looked around at her and nodded. “Gerian-mirian won’t like it, but I think it’s for the best if you do. She can tell Coromel’s family that she’s alive. They probably think she’s dead.”

“I-I…” Coromel began. “Could I send a message to my family, please?” She cringed back as if expecting to be punished for asking. Lyrrekka just sighed and ruffled the sylph’s hair.

“Not tonight, dear. You’re out of immediate danger, but you need to recover your energy a bit more before you start using it up like that,” Lyrrekka replied. “You should be well enough in a couple of days. It’ll give Salia’s mother time to inform them, as well. The shock of receiving an imp from someone you thought was dead might be a bit much.”

“I… I don’t even know if they’re okay. I know they weren’t captured-” Coromel broke off in to heaving sobs. Lyrrekka wrapped her arms around her and held her while she sobbed, murmuring reassurances. Salia watched for a moment and then went back to creating the Imp to send to her mother.


It was strange having someone else in your head with you, Valeria thought as she sat in her rooms that evening. Especially when you could feel them blending in to you at the edges. Right now she wasn’t really sure where she ended and her mother began.

Well, it doesn’t help that we think a lot alike, Elaranor said. But we’ll get used to it soon. Dinner was good. I’d forgotten how wonderful food tasted. Valeria found herself stroking the soft upholstery of her chair. And how good touch is. I think I’ve missed a lot of things. There was a pause and it felt like her mother was frowning. Matt seemed worried about something.

His son, Andrew. He’s doing something dangerous for his father and he hasn’t come back yet.

Dangerous? Elaranor obviously reached for the information because after a moment. Ah! There was another pause. Well, I can’t sense them, so unless this Jayden Emms can conceal himself better than he has any right to they aren’t in the forest any more. It seemed to Valeria that her mother might have said more, but just then Salia’s imp flew in through the window. Ah! Absorb it then.

I was about to. Valeria did just that. Why are they letting her tell us everything?

I don’t know, but you should make sure a message gets to the sylph girl’s family, and then we should go and talk to the others, and possibly to the River Singer. She may have some insights on this, or on the Core situation since she helped make it.

Regular readers please read this! I have a favour to ask you.

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